12 Love Dreams: Symbols and Interpretation and Meaning

24 April, 2018
12 Love Dreams: Symbols and Interpretation and Meaning 12 Love Dreams: Symbols and Interpretation and Meaning
Love dreams Dreams are more psychological phenomena, which cannot be explained in any science. It cannot be explained even in Astrology, but dreams can be to a very little extent being dependent on the shifts and changes of planets or celestial bodies transiting from one sign to other. Although people with similar sun sign can have same or allied dream. In Astrology one can pin point a dream according to the planetary movement.

Subconscious Mind and Dreams: Dreams are normally caused by the desires and wishes that normally occur out of our subconscious mind. These desires, wishes, thoughts of subconscious mind occur when our body is in deep rest as the mind never rests or never goes into deep rest, but our unconscious brain is active and alert. Comparing our body, with a computer our active brain becomes the CPU, the Subconscious mind here is Driver, where we store and retrieve our data or here our desires, wishes. And this driver comes alive while we sleep. Hence the Dreams are the messages, signals that we receive during our sleep.

Conscious and Subconscious and Unconscious Mind:

It is interesting that the human mind is divided into three main components the Conscious, the Subconscious, and the Unconscious Mind. Conscious Mind occupies only 10 % of the whole brain area, and is perceived as the captain of the ship as its primary function is to communicate to outside world, and with inner self- through speech, actions, images etc. Conscious mind is the mind that we use on daily basis.

The Subconscious mind covers about 60 % of the brain area, and hence is in charge of recent memories, those that we may keep in store for later. It is in charge for the memories that we can revisit later. It is permanently in touch with the conscious and unconscious mind. Unconscious Mind covers the remaining 30 % of the brain area, it is the store house of all the memories, and past experience, that have been repressed because of some trauma experienced in the past or just simply been forgotten by us, as they are no longer important to us. It is from these latent memories that our beliefs and behaviours come alive.

Common Love dreams symbols:

The following are the symbols of the Love dreams and the meaning that they represent.


It you see Water it means that you can be overwhelmed, and unsupported by your loved ones, but water with ripples means that you are open to new love relationship and willing to move on in love life.

Colour full dreams:

If one sees, floors and floors of colour in dreams, it interprets as the new love arriving in your life. The time is right to get into a new love relationship and this relationship will be as colourful as your dreams.


If you see doves in your dreams, then it can be interpreted as a peaceful love life. And also it is a symbolic representation of love happiness and joy reigning supremely in your relationship.


To dream about being kissed, or kissing someone obviously declare that you have a romantic life. It is going to be extra special as their will be a show of love and affection from your partners end. If the kiss is not romantic it could be an indicative of deception coming your way.

Being in Love:

If the dream about you being in love with someone is reciprocated as your desire. It means the relationship is a two way street, but if your love is not reciprocated in the same manner. Then it means that the partner is not into you and you are in for dishonesty in relationship.


Although flying do means, being weightless. So if you are seen flying with your partner it means that you both are walking in air with love, and will be weightless in love.


If you are seen to be attracted, by and with someone else, it only means that you are willing to enter in a new relationship as your current relation is not at par with you. Something is missing in your current love life. Attraction means something more adventurous holds for you.

Death of a loved one:

Dreaming about death means, ending a something. When we see the death of a loved one it surely means mourning, but at the same time it also means, birth or beginning of something new. It means that a new chapter is ready to begin in your life.

Enjoying/ having a good time or having a time of your life:

This Love dreams means that, you and your loved ones or you and your partner are going to spend some quality time together. There is going to be trip, involving you and the loved ones and/ or your partners.

Dreaming of being in love with your crush:

Being in love with your crush can be interpreted as the type or the sort of person you desire to be a part of your life. It could also mean that you and your crush can be going into a new relationship.

Being in love with a total stranger:

Love dreams of Being in love with a stranger is interpreted as a being in a new setting and situation. Meaning that you are opening up to new feelings that you were unaware of.

Seeing of kindness and tenderness:

It means that you are sharing a healthy and a happy relationship with the one closest to you. It also depicts that you need more love and attention from someone special in your life.

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