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13 February, 2018


According to the Hindu Solar Calender, Kumbh Sankranti festival marks the beginning of the eleventh month. Likewise, all the sankrantis this also is an important one because it is the time when people carry out their daan- punya activities. In the zodiac language, there is the transition between Capricorn (Makar) to Aquarius (Kumbh). The auspicious time is limited because it is primarily dependent on the position of the sun. As per AskGanesha this year this auspicious date falls on the 13th of February 2018. On this day after the dip in the holy rivers and holy waters of Ganga and Narmada. The act of donation is considered highly important.

Mahurats ofKumbh Sankranti:

Sunrise 13th Feb 2018- 7:04 AM
Sunset 13th Feb 2018- 18:17 PM
Punya Kaal Mahurat 13th Feb 2018- from 7:04 AM to 12:41 PM
Maha Punya Kaal Mahurat 13th Feb 2018- from 7:04AM to 8:46 AM
Sankranti Moment 2:52 AM
On this day if everything followed in the right manner and according to the legends associated with the festivals. It not only gives freedom from cycle of re-birth but also at the same time all the sins get negated and soul is purified, and attain Moksha. On this day thousands of Pilgrims, saints and believers assemble at the banks of Ganga at Haridwar, and Prayag. The monks, saints all come here to attain salvation. It marks the day and celebration of the worlds largest festival, where an assemblage of Saints are seen- the Kumbh Mela.


It is celebrated all over the country with great fervour, but people of eastern India celebrate it with great joy. It is the beginning of the Falgun Mass for the people of West Bengal. And in like manner Malayalam Calender is celebrated and known as the Masi Masam.The temple situated at the banks of our holy rivers see a full crowd almost every time during the period of Kumbh Sankranti. According to AskGanesha, it is believed that worshipping cows on Kumbh Sankranti attains the person a place in Vaikunth or the celestial abode of Vishnu, the nurturer of the world. On this day prayer to Sun God is done. Worshiping and chanting the mantras of Surya Bhagwaan are heard every where. Since Sun provides us with energy. Worshiping Sun God on this day would, bring new energies coupled with prosperity to the individual and family as well. The head of the family will also be benefited since it will improve health and bring prosperity. A mere dip cures all ailments. Even though the ones that are old and for which people are still taking their Medicine/ treatment. A persons journey towards salvation becomes easier.

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