Introduction to Numerology and how it works

17 March, 2024
Introduction to Numerology and how it works Introduction to Numerology and how it works

Numerology is the study of how numbers work and their energetic impact on our daily lives. It digs deeper into the spiritual relationship between numbers and events. Numerology also looks at the numerical value allocated to letters in words and names. Numbers carry the vibrations of the universe that affect it intensely. Numerology is known to be one of the divination arts. It is the mystical connection between numbers and a person's life. Therefore, in this blog, we shall give an introduction to numerology and how it works

As is believed by numerologists, numbers can help uncover a lot of facts and details about a person or the world. This information helps us to understand the situation more clearly. The universe is made up of some basic components that are numbers, according to numerologists. Getting some meaning from numbers helps to give a purpose to our lives. It also helps us to analyze our personality better. Every numbers has a certain vibration to itself. This vibration assigns some unique properties to it. Therefore, every human behaves distinctly because of the numbers he is linked with.

When did Numerology begin?

Pythagoras is believed to be the individual who established the concept of numerology to his followers. He did this when he discovered the spiritual and mystical value of numbers. He was not just able to relate numbers to math but also connected them with intuition and spirituality. After Pythagoras died, modern numerologists incorporated his principles into what is known as modern numerology. Not only do numbers have a distinct vibration but also food, objects, clothes, etc. do as well, according to numerology. We should be attuned to our environment if we want to live a well-balanced and harmonious life. 

Concept of Numerology

Every culture has its own meaning and system of numerology like Indian, Chinese, or Arabic numerology. Each digit ranging from 1 to 9 has certain characteristics associated with it according to the most popular version of numerology. After 10 onwards, the digits in the number are added together to bring it down to a single digit. Then the attributes of the digit apply to the number. You can also find out how your current year will be with numerology.

There are certain numbers known as master numbers. These are reoccurring digits such as 11, 22, or 33. Some numerologists will not reduce these numbers to a single digit instead, they will have their own traits. While other numerologists will include the traits of two numbers in them (11= 1 & 2). 

How does Numerology help?

To find your numerological number, we add your date of birth to get a single-digit number. It is known as the life or destiny number. By calculating this number, numerologists can help people get information about their color, relationships, career path, etc. to be taken. This is based on the attributes of the digit. Another common use of numerology is the transformation of a name into a number. The letters of the alphabet are assigned numbers ranging from 1 to 9.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  

A B C D E F G H I 

J K L M N O P Q R 


The parallel numbers to letters are picked and then added together to bring it down to a single digit. You must remember that numbers are not perfect and just like zodiac signs each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. 

Meaning of numbers

• Number 1– Looking from a spiritual perspective, number 1 represents the primal force and therefore it holds a special place.  

• Number 2– It is the most feminine among all the numbers. Hence, it is believed to be gentler, more understanding, and more diplomatic. 

• Number 3– It is a number that can require the constant guidance and overlooking of a parent or guide. However, it can shine brilliantly in any creative endeavor. 

• Number 4– Number 4 represents stability, responsibility, and strength. It has certain attributes of patience, understanding, and dependability. 

• Number 5– It is the most energetic and dynamic of all the numbers. It is known to be an ever-changing and unpredictable number. Number 5 has an equal mix of feminine and masculine qualities. 

• Number 6– Although not without its flaws, the number 6 is considered the most balanced and harmonious number. It has a certain loving and caring nature to itself. 

• Number 7– He is the seeker and the searcher of truth. They always look at the hidden meaning or truth behind everything.  

• Number 8– It is a misunderstood number as most professionals insist on it being a number of money and fame. It does however represent abundance and success 

• Number 9– It is the number of humanity signifying compassion, love, empathy, and tolerance. You can attract love and attraction though special yantras.


It is the connection between numbers and the events that happen in our lives. You can make predictions on past, present, and future based on systems of numerology. Every belief system will have a different prediction based on the system you are following. Every numerologist can have a different rant about numerology.


Human beings are curious and therefore sciences such as numerology help us to better understand our reality. They also help us to deal with day-to-day life situations better and grasp an understanding of why they are happening. Hence numerology allows us to look at life more deeply and practically.

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