How to use the Panchabhuta (Five Elements) to attract money, growth and success?

19 July, 2019
How to use the Panchabhuta (Five Elements) to attract money, growth and success? How to use the Panchabhuta (Five Elements) to attract money, growth and success?

Panchabhuta or 5 elements are very important in our life. For the Hindus, these five elements incorporated the universe. The Akash (Space), the Vayu (Air), the Agni (Fire), the Jal(Water) and the Bhumi (Earth). These elements not only give us meaning to our life, nature and the universe but also had a lot more for us in store.
What is Panchbhuta? In Panchbhuta, fire, water, and wave signify the ever-flowing, changing and moving towards improvement. If we go deep in the 5 elements one can relate to these elements with nature and are very helpful. Vastu can be related to our moon sign and give the way to move towards a higher professional or positive life. These elements can also take one towards success and growth as we take them as our guide.
the 5 elements
The 5 elements of Panchabhuta Akash (Space): The whole universe or galaxies exist under the space. It has light, heat and gravitational pull to it. The sky or space is endless; it has no edges and no limits. It is the prime source of radiation and energy.
Vayu (Air): The air is available on the earth and is the mixture of different gases. The gases include oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, dust particles, helium, vapor and humidity in certain proportions. The Oxygen is essential for nitrogen for plants and human beings
Agni (Fire): The Agni or the fire essential element ofPanchabhuta is to without it one cant imagine a life. The Agni gives the body, the power of digestion.
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Jal (Water): The water is full of 70% of water and one can imagine the significance of water. The water is the combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen. It is also linked with our sense of touch, taste, hearing, and sight.
Bhumi (Earth): This element gives shelter to all forms of life and that is the reason we have a direct connection with the earth. It has its own magnetic force and gravitational pull and one can revolve around the Sun. Earth rotates around the axis from west to east and causes day and night. Panchbhuta only affects the body and soul both and it also helps in many ways. The five elements described above are directly related to moon signs and affect them directly. One can assist to improve the career and helps to get the success and growth in life.
the 5 elements
The five elements within the body and outside five elements are in harmony can lead to health, harmony, happiness, and monetary growth. Vastu builds a bridge between Nature and Man. Our life is dependent upon the practical and theoretical interplay of all the five elements through Astrology, Ayurveda and Vastu. The elements are collective and are commonly known as Panchtatva or Panchabhuta. The Ayurveda ensure a balance among the elements in the body. It is important to have a living philosophy and professionals from every walk of life and adopt their own guidelines and life of the people. Check how you can enlighten yourself through Five essentials for spiritual growth

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