How to read Tarot Cards

18 March, 2024
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Tarot is an ancient divination method that started in 14th century Europe. A classic tarot deck consists of 78 cards which are divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Most people use tarot cards to look into the future. Others might use it as a healing source or simply as a support system for thinking outside the box. Let us look at how to read tarot cards.

In the simplest form, it requires you to focus on something you would like to know. Then it is required to shuffle the deck and pull out one or more than one random card from the deck. A traditional tarot deck includes 78 cards. Out of which 22 cards are Major Arcana and the remaining 56 cards are Minor Arcana. These remaining 56 cards are divided further into four parts (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles). Therefore, let us further examine tarot cards, their origin, how to read them, their power, etc.

Reading Tarot Cards

There are countless ways on how to read tarot cards, but we will look at some ways for beginners to do so. You can look at predictions for each sign this year using tarot cards as well.

• Examine your question: The best way to proceed is to keep your questions open-ended and focus on your intent on what you truly would like to know. You should take your time framing the question as many times. This is because our real question is sometimes hidden under fallacious ideas.

• Select the appropriate tarot spread: If you look online, you will see there are many tarot spreads available. Hence, you must look at each of them and select the one containing the cards that are most appropriate for your questioning. The appropriate tarot spread can help us check compatibility with partner.

• Shuffle properly: Make sure you properly and thoroughly shuffle your cards. There is no special trick involved in this. You should also meditate for some while on your question so that you can feel grounded and centered.

• Sit with the cards and interpret them: You don’t necessarily need to learn the meaning of every card in the deck. You should be perfectly comfortable looking at a guidebook for guidance and meaning. Remember if you find yourself looking at the card and it reminds you of something from your own life. It could be more important than the traditional meaning of the cards.


There are so many questions and debates regarding the exact origin of tarot cards. Originally, they were just meant to be playing cards and were not used for any spiritual purposes. The ones still in existence were first made in Italy in the 15th century. However, the conventional roots of the tarot cards that exist today can be tracked down to China, India, Egypt, or the Middle East. People who are familiar with the philosophies and mythologies of these traditions will notice the mention of these tarot cards.

Power of Tarot Cards

Every tarot reader that you might ask this question would give you an entirely different answer. However, there are some common explanations for the power of tarot cards and why it is always able to deliver such enlightening answers. Let us look at some of these.

• Collective unconscious– It is cloaked in ideas and symbols that are recognizable to all of humanity. Carl Jung referred to it as the collective unconscious. To further explain it is a kind of shared understanding into which each of us is born. It does not just form individually but is usually inherited. Tarot cards are also known to help with depression.

• Synchronicity– You must have noticed that you are thinking about a song, and it suddenly starts playing on the radio. These coincidences are known as synchronicities. It usually feels that somehow these events are connected despite there being no causal link between them. Tarot can be part of such synchronicities as you may find a card that you pick up that is perfectly suited to the situation you are in currently.

• Meaning– Human beings are constantly searching for meaning. They always create stories to help make meaning of our experiences. Tarot card readings are a perfect fit for such meaning-making stories. Just by looking at a card our minds can fill up the spaces and make the perfect meaning that suits our experiences.

Telling the future

A tarot card reading will help you enhance and give a better outlook on the probability that the situation will happen that way. It can intensify the aspects of a situation that your ego may have overlooked. It is mostly a form of meditation that gives some keen insights into the future of the person or situation he is in. It will help to tell you the future that you may be currently creating. As no one can tell exactly what the future holds, you must follow the right path and look at tarot cards just for guidance and direction.

Cleaning Tarot Cards

It is necessary that from time to time you reset the energies of your tarot cards. This will help to cleanse their energies and purify them. Here are some ways to do that.

• You can pass the tarot cards through an energized incense stick.  

• Keep the tarot cards under the moonlight on a full moon or new moon night. Make sure it is not a rainy night and your cards do not get damaged. 

• You can always wrap your tarot cards in silk and leave them in wrapping for days.

• Surrounding your tarot with crystals or gemstones is a great way to reenergize their energies.


Each tarot card over centuries has somehow developed its meaning. Every tarot card reader can develop a unique understanding and insight into the cards. Hence tarot cards can give us a great outlook on our past, present, or future.

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