How to Be a Perfect Guy?

Getting the most perfect girl for you is not tough. A girl wants to be loved and respected. There are girls who are gorgeous enough that your jaw drops wide before them. But what if they aren't perfect for you? Looks at times can deceive you but don't lose your heart my friend. Your perfect girl will make you stop for a while and get you hypnotized for few minutes or seconds. Let's see how you can find the most perfect girl for yourself.

What Most of the Men Do?

Suppose you go out to grab a job of lecturer in a college. The college interviewer asks you "Have you graduated and completed your masters degree?" You are taken aback and with astonishment say "Yes" I have". With no other thought in his mid he hires you. Now are you willing to take a job that judges you on such a small criteria? Your hard work of years got wasted in few seconds. The girls on the same hand don't like to be judged on such small parameters call it their beauty or their willingness to sleep with you. The most perfect girl would love to get respected and most importantly loved. If you hang up lingering around for a one night stand or some easy cookies, then you are not worthy a piece of love.

What Should a Perfect Guy Do?

A guy to be perfect should be what he truly is. Besides that he should be as good as a lover, as friendly as a friend, as caring as a father and as romantic as a Romeo. But he should keep the following things in mind


Be loyal to the person you love. Love one andlove them fully. There is nothing more than a loyal partner that a girl canask for. Understand your partner. Bend before them if required. Do anything to make them feel loved and win theirtrust.

Nurture Your Relationship

Make sure that you take care of your partner after you are in a relationship. Have a healthy love life. Spend time and make them feel important and wanted.

Sexual Side

It is important for your love life to have enough sex and desire. Nakedness is not removing your clothes rather opening up your soul and true side to your partner.


A girl needs respect as much as you do. Respect them physically, emotionally and mentally. Make them feel that they can hug you with lots of love when in a situation of sadness.


A perfect guy is the one who flirts or plays with his wife while she is cooking. Biting her earlobe, kissing on her neck while she is busy preparing food for you in the kitchen. A pure heart is the way to pour soul. If you love a person fully then your stars are going to match no matter whatever the situation be.

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