13 simple remedies to find your true love

21 September, 2020

Finding true love is the dream of every person.  Most people do not succeed in finding true love.  Many of you may come closer to the person you think is your true love, but may find it difficult to come closer. Love really is a complicated relationship and finding true love is more complicated. 

Many factors impact one’s love life. The personality of the people, the thinking, the vibes, the lifestyle, the expectations, etc are some of the many factors that count in finding a true and perfect life partner. One of the most important factors is astrology. The astrological planets and their positioning play a pivotal role in determining one's love life and life as a whole. So you should keep this factor in your minds too. The planetary positions should be conducive and favorable otherwise you will always face difficulty in finding your true love. Let us find out how astrology and other related factors can be made favorable.

Remedies for a successful love life

  • Venus is one of the planet that determines your love life and controls it. The favorable positioning of Venus on the horoscope is very important. Its relationship with other planets as well as other house lords is also a very important part. Its association with malefic planets also affects the love life. Astrological consultation should be taken to check the effect and positioning of Venus and astrological remedies as advised should be done.
  • Wearing white clothes on Tuesdays and girls wearing green bangles with white clothes on Fridays can influence Venus as they are the favorite colours of Venus. ( This should especially be done during the month of Savan).
  • To please Venus you should chant the mantra for Venus and it is "Om Dram drimdroomsahshukraeynamah”.
  • Moon is the other important planet on your horoscope impacting your love life and love cycle. Its association with planets like Venus and Mars is considered good for the love life of the person. People with influential Moon easily fall in love and find their true love. Take some good astrological advice if you find difficulty in finding your love.
  • Prayers help a lot in getting your desires fulfilled. Pray to the Almighty for finding your true love. Worshipping Goddess Durga can be beneficial. Offering her Red shawl or Red cloth will definitely help you.
  • Offering flute to Lord Krishna can help you win the heart of the person you love.
  • Fasting for sixteen Mondays continuously is known to have a great impact on the love cycle. Girls fasting on Mondays find good and loving husbands.
  • Lord Kamadev and his wife Rati are the creators of love. Kamadev represents male beauty and love while his wife Rati is considered the epitome of female beauty and love. Worshipping them will certainly ensure that you find your true love. Chanting their mantra pleases them and they grant the worshipper his true love. One should chant 'Om kamdevRatiNmah’ to please the God couple. 
  • Rudrabhishek with mantras and Puja of Lord Shiva is also helpful in getting your true love.
  • Wear gemstone. Get gemstone suitability done by your astrologer.
  • You should always gift pink things to your lover. Never gift anything black in colour.
  • Mangal Dosha disrupts your love life. Get it released from your horoscope.
  • Also, get removed KalSarpDosha, if one, on your horoscope.

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