God cannot be everywhere so he created Mothers - Mother's Day

10 May, 2018

Mother's Day

Even Gods bow down to them - Mothers:

Mothers are only people on this earth that can even make Gods to bow in front of them. Be it Lord Rama, Krishna and even Lord Jesus, everyone bowed down to their mothers, and mothers. Being a mother is the toughest job on this earth, because she does not do anything for herself, rather does everything for her children. Probably the only work in this world which is not paid in monetary terms, but is paid in terms of satisfactory smile that she are on her child or childrens faces.









Mother - All roles rolled into one:

She is a doctor, even without a MBBS degree, she is a home- maker even when she has no formal education in the field of architecture or interior decor. They takes the simplest recipes and turns it into a gourmet affair. She is your personal body guard and does not rest until she finds what you like. They also works nonstop 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no breaks and holidays for just the people she loves. She does everything for everyone; the most taken for granted relationship is that of a child and a mother.

Surprise with Mother's Day Gifts as per Zodiac Signs:

Aries Mom (21st March-19th April):

This is the time to pamper your mother so gift her spa treatment, or scented candles.

Taurus Mom (April 20th May 20th):

Give her a day off and book a table for her and yourself at a gourmet restaurant, spend some time with her.

Gemini Mom (May 21st 20th June):

A Gemini cannot have too much of books, so this mothers day gifts your mother her favourite authors autographed book.

Cancer Mom (June 21st 22nd July):

Cancer or Moms otherwise are very emotional anyway, so gifting her a box full of old memories is going to be the best gift for her.

Leo Mom (23rd July- 22nd August):

Taking.mom to a play or concert will also appeal to her inner diva, or get an appointment at an exclusive salon.

Virgo Mom (August 23rd-22nd September):

Since she is always waiting on others, probably the best gift for moms is a good home cooked meal that you wait on her.

Libra Mom (September 23rd- October 22nd):

The more feminine and delicate, the better. Sending her a bouquet of fresh flowers every month for a year will make her smile twelve times over.

Scorpio Mom (October 23rd- November 21st):

A tank filled with Tropical Fish, along with a heart filled letter or even a thank you note will also suffice her.

Sagittarius Mom (November 22nd December 21st):

As Sagittarius mom is artistic so gifting her karaoke machine for dinner nights is a good idea, along with toiletries for all her trips to wash room.

Capricorn mom (December 22nd January 19th):

A fancy briefcase or suitcase will appeal to her inner executive, gift her a present of some hobby classes to shape her creative impulses.

Aquarius Mom (20th January- February 18th):

Anything that does not make her feel like a mom is welcomed, go ahead gift your Aquarian mom a martial art classes, or a fancy tool kit.

Pieces Mom (February 19th- 20th March):

A chiffon scarf, or professional camera are ideal gift for her , but a hand written poem is what she would appreciate more.

Go ahead and Make this Mother's day very special for your mom.

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