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23 August, 2020

In the event that you feel that despite your diligent work, you are not able to grow your business, at times, one of the reasons could be some planetary obstacle that is influencing your development. In such circumstances, it is smart to consult an accomplished astrologer for some quick Astrology Tips that can provide a cure, depending on your natal chart. This is helpful for the individuals who dream and who try to endeavor to satisfy their wishes. An astrologer isn't for individuals who need to sit and get everything for nothing. Destiny isn't totally pre-decided as one generally gets an opportunity to compose/re-compose it in the event with some Astrology Tips.  

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Planet and Business Astrology Tips

  • The planets put in the seventh house give some disclosure about the condition of one's business
  • Sun put positively in the seventh house will, in general, give security in business
  • Moon here may indicate high points and low points or changes in a person’s business interests
  • Mars is, for the most part, gives wavering and misfortune through incautious wrong choices
  • Mercury set in this house is helpful for benefit and advancement in the business
  • Jupiter helps the person, yet just in the event that the individual uses reasonable methods for working and managing
  • Venus here is likewise helpful for karma, thriving and great reputation
  • Saturn is never useful for any kind of business

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Remedies for Business Growth

  • Every Saturday drapes a green lemon with 7 green chilies and a bit of coal on the entry of your business place.
  • You can fix a Siddha Vyapaar Vriddhi yantra on your business place on Siddha muhurat. This will expand your business development.
  • In the event that anyone visits dark magic on you than some black magic expulsion mantra must be required at the earliest opportunity to build your business.
  • Make a swastika at the passageway of your business place. This will be an indication of good karma in your business.
  • If you are experiencing mahadasha or antar dasha of any negative planet position in your horoscope then it will be great to go for this quick Astrology Tips such as grah puja.
  • These cures are extremely gainful in business development and for an effective business. These cures can alter your perspective with positive energy.

  astrology and business

In the event that you are facing a bad time and not getting achievement and appropriate development in your business there must be something incorrect in your Kundli or horoscope. Perhaps your planet positions are not in an ideal position or may be likely that your house isn't set well as Vastu; you are having any Vastu dosh at your office which can be resolved with some quick Astrology Tips. A well-experienced and expert Askganesha astrologer can help you know what is the precise issue behind such trouble.

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