Fragrance and You - Perfume according to Zodiac Sign

09 April, 2018

Fragrance is Essential aspect of Human life: Fragrance is an essential part of human life. Our smell, determines our acceptance by others in society and world at large. Our natural smell or odour is our impression on others, its our visiting Card. Although there is a difference between smell and fragrance, but both form an essential aspect of our life.
Perfumes and their necessities: It is a fragrant liquid that are extracted from natural oils, flowers and spices. These oils are extracted and then manufactured to give us a pleasant smell to make us more appealable. A good perfume gives us strength and confidence. For some perfume becomes the status symbol, at the same time it also enables to get rich and prosperous and also maintain health.

Fragrance According to Ancient text:

According to our ancient text and tradition, like Bhrighu Sahinta, it is said that the all the problems be it financial , psychological, physical etc all occur due to imbalance created by the planet Venus. Venus has a great connection with Itar or perfume. They can make or break each other.

Perfume according to Zodiac Sign:

Following perfumes can be donned according to zodiac sign:

Aries (21st March April 19th)

Like the typical trait of Aries- they are trendy and like new brands, it is an active, go getter sign and so the musk expresses the strength of this sign. The perfume with Lemon Blossom and Lotus Flowers makes an interesting blend of an energetic scent. One such scent is Citrine.

Taurus (April 20th May 20th) 

Taurus is an earth sign which likes classy tasteful and restrained notes; they are high end but flash, so mixture of Orange blossom, Juniper berries and Patchouli when blended together makes a bold yet refined perfume suited for the needs of a Taurian. Diptyque is the perfume for you with perfect blend of all the materials mentioned above.

Gemini (May 21st June 20th) 

Twins are the most playful of the zodiac signs. Geminis like everything colourful and trendy. They are admirer of light woodsy smells. Like always Geminis do not take them serious and dont mind being too much, so that is the same case with their perfume. They prefer the perfume made of Violet Tuberose, Sandalwood, and Musks. The blend is irreverent and spirited with freedom. Pop Eau is the best perfume for you.

Cancer (June 21st July 20th)

Of all the sun sign the cancerians are said to be classically feminine, so they are drawn to all sorts of classic brands. A vile consisting of Lemon, Mandarin, Jasmine, Rose and Vetive, all these ingredients creates such a blend that compliments the feminine style of Cancer. The recommended perfume is said to be Chanel No 5

Leo (July 23rd August 22nd)

The ruler of Leo is sun, so they are in need of a scent that is both sexy and has a glimpse of summer in it. A perfume that is reminiscent of Mediterranean Garden, with the mixture of chest nut and Azalea. Hence the perfume recommended here for you is- Parco Palladiano IV

Virgo ( August 23rd September 22nd)

Clean and simple ids the life mantra of the Virgos, going by this they like earthy smelling perfumes. They are on the earth notes which are floral and musky, at the same time a perfume with perfect blend of amber and sandalwood with a little bit of spice, such as cardamom. The secret ingredient to the perfumes success is your signature style. The recommended perfume is: Soleil Blanc.

Libra (September 23rd October 22)

The Libra depicts balance in life. The Librans use perfume with skill of a wizard. They fancy themselves as the air sign and the perfume that is the blend of Grapefruit, Hazelnut and pink Peppercorn, sugary strawberries makes the correct balance of essence make it perfect for their balancing nature. The perfume recommended is Angel Muse

Scorpio ( October 23rd to November 22nd )

Scorpio is a sign of musky and mysterious and intense sign of vibration. As a classic state of the Scorpions, they come on strong, but at the same time leave you guessing about their next move. Ck2 by Calvin Klein is a match made in heaven for you

Sagittarius (November 24th to December 23rd)

Sagittarius is the earth sign that likes to be outside, they hate anything that is overpowering or typically too perfumed. They adore scents of plants, A blend of Clover Cologne and Nasturtium is perfect for you, Hence the recommended Fragrance is- Jo Malone.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th)

Capricorn ions are attracted to the woodsy and clean smell, since the Capricorn rules the masculine realm, they like more masculine scent. A blend of Cedar and Sandal wood is perfect match for you. Hence we recommend Cedar Eau.

Aquarius (January 20th February 18th)

True romance is the clean scent to appease the sporty nature of Aquarian. At the same time they like notes like Ginger, magnolia and soft cashmere which is the perfect blend for Aquarians. Recommended perfume is tender Romance.

Pisces (February 19th March 21st)

Since Pisceans are dreamy and romantic they would love the smell of rose Romantic and fantasy fuelled nature is seen in their choice of Fragrance as well. They would appreciate a scent of African Dog rose, Turkish rose absolute, white daffodils musk and sandal wood proves to be best concoction for Pisces. The recommended perfume is Dolce Rosa

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