Effect of Saturn Transit in Scorpio

01 November, 2014

Saturn or Shani is believed to be inauspicious and negative planet, but when this planet is very strong and favorable to someone it can give very positive and favorable results.Given below are thegeneral horoscope readings of Saturn transit in Scorpio zodiac sign. These readings are not based on your moon signbutare based on your ascendant sign. So you need to be very clear and sure about it. The 12 horoscope readings are general in nature, so the results may differ as per the placement and position of other planets and Saturn. You may consult an astrologer for personal horoscope readings for the influence of the Saturn transit in Scorpio zodiac.

In the year 2014 Saturn transit will be changing its current position from Libra to Scorpio zodiac. Saturn will be entering into Scorpio zodiac sign on November 2nd 2014 at 8:54 pm Delhi and it will remain there till 27th October 2017 3:27 pm. During this tenure Saturn will be in retrograde motion from 15th March 2015 till 2nd August 2015 and from 26th March 2016 till 13th August 2016. Saturn will again have a temporary transit change to Sagittarius zodiac on 26th January 2017 at 7:30 pm it will again become retrograde, and on Saturn will enter back on Scorpio zodiac in retrograde motion on 6th April 2017. On 21st June 2017 at 4:40 pm it will regain its direct motion in Scorpio zodiac on 25th August 2017 and it will complete the transit in Scorpio on 26th October 2017.

This Saturn transit may remain complicated because of its transit shift to Sagittarius zodiac and its relationship with Mars which is natural relationship. Aries sign which is ruled by Mars so the Saturn will get debilitated in Aries zodiac and Mars will become exalted in Capricorn zodiac which is ruled by Saturn. As Saturn and Mars are natural friends so the Saturn will become Neutral for Mars, while mars will become enemy for Saturn. Below are the results of the Saturn transit in Scorpio Zodiac sign excluding the period of temporary transit of Saturn in Sagittarius zodiac for 12 zodiac signs.

Reading for Aries Zodiac Sign:

In Aries Zodiac Saturn will go through the 8th House of their chart, hence the readings of the Saturn transit are not auspicious and favorable. In the professional life there may be delays and obstacles, and those whoseSaturn Mahadashais going on they may face some issues in professional life but that entirely depends on the position of Saturn in the horoscope. You may face lack of concentration and setbacks and lack of focus in professional life. People who are in research, education, agriculture, mining insurance or chemical sector need to be careful in their professional life, you need to avoid being hasty and ambitious. Students may also face lack of concentration towards studies, you need to make extra efforts to clear exams. You need to take care of your health as well, as per the readings of horoscope there may be accidents or injuries. Health issues can be of legs, joints and spine. Finances will also be disturb and you will find it difficult to manage your finances. Those who are involved in investment or want to clear loan or debt need to be careful. The Saturn transit in Scorpio may be inauspicious and will remain highlighted during its retrograde motion, specifically during the starting and ending phase of the transit.

Reading of Taurus Zodiac Sign:

Saturn transit will be in the 7th house for the Taurus Zodiac people, Saturn transit is showing auspicious and positive for Taurus people as it is a Yogakaraka planet for Taurus. Positive results are for those who are looking for transfers, foreign visits, also you will get promotion and recognition in your career. People who are in Administration, Politics, Education, transport, agriculture, oil and manufacturing will be benefited from the transit of Saturn in Scorpio. People who are looking for better opportunities, partnerships or investments will also be benefited by this transit. Students and those who are preparing for higher studies and admissions will get success. Any disputes or pending matters may be resolved and your reputation will increase. Saturn transit is also beneficiary for health, marriage, those who want to get married, marriage will be fixed. Your health issues may be resolved. There will be auspicious celebrations and functions in the family. These readings will be highlighted for people whose Venus or SaturnMahadashais going on.

Reading of Gemini Zodiac Sign:

The Saturn transit to Scorpio will be auspicious for Gemini people, it will be in the 6th house of the Horoscope chart so some of the horoscope readings are not positive and supportive. You will have lot of workload and will be full of responsibilities and you will be vulnerable towards any conflicts or disputes. Your relationship in the family with parents or siblings may be disturbed and your professional matters will also be little disturbed, but people who are in law, police, judiciary, management, medicine, sports, politics may expect some positive results. Those who want to go for love marriage will be successful but it will be after conflicts. As per the readings of Saturn transit the financial matters are not positive, expenses will be on higher side and you may take financial help. You may have issues in partnership, insurance and inheritance while financial dealings. The Saturn transit will be beneficial in terms of your health. People who are Saturn, Venus and sun properly disposed in their horoscope or going through the mahadash of Saturn will have some great results, however people who are going through theMahadashaof Mars need to be careful.

Reading of Cancer Zodiac Sign:

For cancer zodiac, Saturn will be in the 7th and 8th houses of their horoscope chart, which is not a friendly planet. The readings of Saturn transit shows mixed results, however the inauspicious results are more and much highlighted than the positive results which will be very limited. Those who want to go for love marriage may face confrontations and challenges and those who are going for arrange marriage will expect good results. If planet mars is not well disposed in your horoscope then you may face negative challenges in progeny matters. People who are looking for change in job or promotions they will also get negative results because of the transit of Saturn in Scorpio. But those who are in research, construction, mining, insurance and transport will get positive results. People who are going through theMahadashaof Saturn, horoscope readings for them is not positive. It is not favorable in financial matters as well, you will have to put lot of extra efforts. People who are in shares and trading need to be careful as you may have some losses. Students need to be careful in their approach.

Reading of Leo Zodiac Sign:

Saturn rules the sixth and seventh house of Leo people horoscope chart, henceforth it is not showing supportive results. you will face stability issues in your relationships and also their will be lack of mental peace. You may be at risk towards theft and fraud. Your enemies can harmful to you and you will face conflicts in your professional matters. You may face health issues because of the transit. You will be in conflicts and arguments in relationships. You may find obstacles in health and financial matters. you may have issues in relationships with your relatives and parents. Those who are looking for love marriage may have favorable results. As per the horoscope readings you will gain success in debates and legal disputes. May get some support in professional mattes, those who want to start a new business or venture may gain some success but need to put extra efforts.

Reading of Virgo Zodiac Sign:

Saturn rules the 5th and 6th houses of Virgo people horoscope chart and is in good relationship with its lord mercury so the readings are auspicious and showing good support. People who are in Sports, Politics, Travel, Education, Medicine, Police, law, chemical and manufacturing may gain some of the good results. You will have some positive results in your professional life, those who are looking for job change, promotions, hike in salary and foreign travel may have favorable results. Those who are aspiring for higher studies and competitive exams will get favorable results. Issues related to personal and professional matter may get resolve, and relationship may improve. Health will be in a better way. You will be in a focused state of mind. Saturn transit to Scorpio is also favorable in financial matters. You will gain professional and financial stability. It is also supportive for purchasing of property or vehicle. People who are going through theMahadashaof Venus, Saturn and Mercury will get support from Saturn transit, however people who are going to the mahadasha of sun moon and mars will have to make extra effort.

Reading of Libra Zodiac Sign:

Saturn rules the 4th and 5th houses of Libra people horoscope chart, henceforth it will have positive results as its a Yogakaraka planet. The Saturn will be passing through the 2nd house of the horoscope chart and because of this transit it will have some favorable and promising results. You will gain wealth, and there will be a rise in professional and social status. People who are looking for promotion, change in job and relocation may get favorable results. People who are in Politics, management, administration, education, agriculture research, transport, real estate, construction will be benefited by this transit. Apart from this who are in shares and economics may also expect some good results. Because of this transit property issues and wealth related matters will be prosperous. You will have good monetary gains. There may be some marriage or some good news in the family and people who are planning for progeny will get good results. People who are going through the mahadasha of Saturn, Venus and mars will be benefited, but those who are going through the mahadasha of Jupiter and Sun will have to take care.

Reading of Scorpio zodiac Sign:

The Saturn rules the 3rd and 4th houses of Scorpio people, in their horoscope, it is not a friendly planet for Scorpios unless and until it is not disposed in a well position and is having auspicious influence on it. This Saturn transit will not add much to your life, but there may be struggles, challenges and obstacles in life. You need support to keep your focus intact to complete your targets, you may have health issues and your health will be at risk in terms of accidents and injuries. The intensity of risk may increase if the mars is not well disposed in your horoscope. There may be problems in your family and married life. People who are in stage of finalization or fixing of marriage may face obstacles and delays. People who are in partnership or in business may find unhealthy attitude and support and problems in financial dealings. You may have unhealthy relations with your colleagues or seniors. You may have some gains in purchasing property or own home. Travel to foreign my be favorable.

Reading of Sagittarius zodiac Sign:

Saturn rules the 2nd and 3rd houses of Sagittarius people and during the trait of Saturn to Scorpio, Saturn will be passing through the 12th house of Sagittarius horoscope chart, so the transit results are not much auspicious as Saturn is not supportive to Sagittarius. The readings are showing instability in life. You may find insecurities in professional matters. All your efforts may get diluted. Your expenses may increase and will have financial losses. This transit is not supportive for financial investments. You need to be cautious. You may face issues in family matters. There might be misunderstandings in family specially in case of new married. There might be health issues related to parents and self, need to be cautious for accidents and injuries. Those who want to travel to foreign may get some positive and favorable results. People who are going through the mahadasha of Saturn will in the negative influence with high intensity. People who are in Jupiter or Mars Mahadasha will have some relief but that too depending on the disposition of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in their horoscope.

Reading of Capricorn Zodiac Sign:

Saturn rules the 1st and 2nd houses of Capricorn people and the transit of Saturn will be in the 11th house, so the results and readings are favorable and auspicious for Capricorn zodiac. You may have financial gains as well as gains in wealth and assets. There may be celebrations or event in the family. In the professional side also you will have positive results and will have stability in career and those who are aspiring to start a new venture or looking for promotions and relocation will have positive results. Those who want to get married they will be successful in the same, also related to progeny and children you may get good news. Those who are in administration, politics, agriculture, real estate, restaurant, transport, police and event management will be benefited by this transit. In terms of health issues this transit is supportive, will be safe from injuries and accidents. People who are passing through the Mahadasha of sat run orVenuswill be benefited by this transit. People who are going through the mahadasha of Jupiter and sun will need to be careful.

Reading of Aquarius Zodiac Sign:

Saturn rules the 1st and 12th houses of Aquarius Zodiac sign people and the transit will be passing through the 10th house of their horoscope chart. The readings are showing strong and positive results for professional life. You will be successful in your professional targets, all your pending matters will be resolved. You will able to win over situations. You may get promotion and recognition. People who are in Sports, banking, politics, management, event management, social service, entertainment, transport and communication will get benefit. Family related matters will be positive, there may be marriage or some celebrations in the family. Those who are looking for foreign travel or to settle in foreign will be successful. The Saturn transit will also influence the financial investments in a positive way. It will be auspicious to buy property or home. Those who are passing through the mahadasha Mars, Venus, Saturn will get favorable results and those who are passing through the Mahadasha of moon sun and Ketuwill need to be careful.

Reading of Pisces Zodiac Sign:

Saturn rules 11th and 12th houses of Pisces zodiac people, and not a friendly planet to Pisces. Saturn will be passing through the 9th house during the transit, which is much better than its current transit position. The readings are showing obstacles and delays and problems for parents and in important matters. You may face sudden change in your professional life and unhealthy relation with your colleagues and seniors, but those who are trying for foreign travel may get some favorable results. You may be having financial gains but expenses will be in higher side, may face financial losses. If we talk about health, you may have issues in health you need to be careful towards health and your physical safety. Be careful in decision making for your new business. Some positive results are their in spiritual and religious matters. People who are passing through the mahadasha of Saturn or mars may face negative influence of the transit, but people who are going through the mahadasha of Jupiter and moon will get favorable results but will have to put efforts.


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