Chaitra Purnima: An Auspicious Night for Hindus

15 April, 2019
Chaitra Poornima commonly called as Chait Purnima is the full moon day after the long stretch of Chaitra in a customary Hindu calendar or Panchang. Chaitra Purnima is a very propitious day for all Hindu devotees from all parts of India and is distinctively observed in all parts of India. The most vital celebration on this day is Hanuman Jayanti. This day is devoted to Lord Chitragupt, the assistant of Yamaraj God of death, who keeps up the records of births and death in the entire world. Lord Chitragupta additionally keeps up the records of our great and terrible deeds and we are remunerated or rebuffed according to these deeds.   chaitra purnima celebration

How Chaitra Purnima is celebrated?

A special puja is done for Lord Chitragupt (heavenly agent of the God of death). An offering of spiced rice is arranged and offered to Lord Chitragupt. It is later circulated as Prasad (heavenly holy observance). Toward the finish of the loving service, fire revere is led. All the devotees additionally take a bath in the River Chitra.   Significance of Chaitra Purnima

The significance of Chaitra Purnima

Chitragupta, the recorder of Yamaraj is known for keeping the record of the number of births or passings in a year. He additionally tracks good karma and terrible karmas. After our demise, we are compensated or rebuffed relying upon Chitragupta's records. Chaitra Purnima is very imperative for Hindus since it is an opportunity to redress our words just as activities and kill negative deeds. Enthusiasts additionally go to God for absolution for their transgressions, with the goal that they can lead to a real existence of nobility. The day of Chaitra Purnima followed with Hanuman Jayanti. Thus, it is an extremely promising divine day.   Celebration of Chaitra Purnima

Celebration and Rituals

On this day, uncommon pujas are directed at temples. Devotees take bath in sacred rivers and temple lakes to wash away the transgressions and to pack the prudence for life past. Chitra Purnima is an ideal opportunity to dispose of your wrongdoings. Numerous individuals would keep fast or vrat on Chaitra Purnima. By offering nourishment to poor and needy people and destitute individuals on this day, one can get a lot of blessings from the Almighty. Chitragupta Temple at Kanchipuram is the main temple in South India committed to Lord Chitragupta. He helps us to remember an imperceptible higher power that continually looks out for us and incites us to mind our direct and conduct. It is trusted that the individuals who don't accomplish a harmony between their great karmas and terrible karmas need to achieve a re-birth in any living form, to finish the complete cycle of life. Askganesha can help in fulfilling your prayers by performing the Puja on Chitra Purnima on your behalf. We have a team of experienced Purohits who can help in performing the Puja with all rituals. We wish you a happy and auspicious Chaitra Purnima.

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