Black Magic and Protection from it

30 March, 2024
Black magic and protection from it Black magic and protection from it

Black Magic is not a magic that we all are fond of or will amuse us like the magics done by magicians. It is the negative power used for the motive of hurting the other person for a mean purpose. In other words, Black magics are the act of using paranormal powers for a misdemeanour of others for selfish reasons. It is used to provide fiscal, mental, and physical damage. Not just in India, it is practiced across the world. The damages by it have proven to be immensely hazardous which at times can be life threatening also. Few protective measures can be helpful, therefore, let us know in detail what is black magic and protection from it.

The way motives can be different, the modus operandi too can be different. In other words, there is no specific method or procedure for bringing someone under the umbrellas of power of mystical power. Used clothes, hair, nails, snaps, etc. can be used to implement the wrong intentions of black magic. Can any come under the influence of the evil spirit and how one can recognise it? Can we protect ourselves from black magic? Let us find answers to the above questions-

Black magic– Can anyone come under the control of evil spirits?

The targeted individual is bound to get under the power of devil spirits until he/she has strong planetary positions. Those with feeble aura are likely to get affected, whereas others may not get affected by any kind of black magics. Spiritual practice can help emerge too strong to get impacted by it. If you want to have a strong aura, consult an astrologer or spiritual mentor.

How to know you are under the influence of black magic?

However, the true depiction of the intensity and type of black magics can be disclosed only by tantra experts. But, with few external symptoms in the appearance and behaviour of an individual, a common man can also identify it. Take a look at the few indications of evil spirits–

Sleep disturbance or disruption

Dream of slipping or falling from a height

• A usual stink from the body

• Headaches

• Weird behaviour

• Continuous bad luck

• Darkening skin complexion

• Irrelevant fear

• Overnight Insanity

General Remedies to Protect Yourself from Black Magic:

• Avoid alcohol consumption– Give up now, if you are drinking because by this you are susceptible to black magics.

• Chant Hanuman Chalisa– "Bhoot Pishaach Nikat Nahi Aave, Mahavir jab naam sunave“ is a line from Hanuman Chalisa which denotes that under the hand of lord Hanuman, you are always away from the demon of black magic. Devote some time doing Hanuman Puja to enjoy all –round happiness.

• Sprinkle a pinch of salt in water– As read earlier, you can protect yourself from black magic with a strong aura. A remedy to have a strong era is to have a bath with water having a few pinches of salt.

• Burn camphor in house- If you feel that your home is inhabited by evil spirits, burning camphor twice a day would keep the energy out and always away from your home.

• Reverence and veneration can protect you from the ill-magic. Get yourself an energized Bhairav Yantra, Do Durga satoshi path, chandi path, Durga Rakshastrot, Recite chamunda devi mantra, etc as these are effective in being guarded against the magic.

You can also Perform Pratyangira Devi Maha Yagya to protect yourself from destructive forces, black magic, evil eye, witchcraft etc.

• Have strong Rahu-Ketu- If your Rahu, Ketu comes close to the Sun and Moon, you are likely to be an easy victim of black magic. Chanting of Rahu and Ketu mantras will help you stay protected from negative spirits.

• Wearing Rudraksha can nullify the impact of black magics on you.

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• The biggest symptom of getting caught by Black magic is when medicine doesn’t work. When medicines fail to provide relief to you, your body stinks, unusual itching, depression for no reason, irrational behaviour etc, the impact of the dark magic is working on you.

Above are general remedies, they may or may not work on all kinds of negative energies. To get rid of black magic, talk to astrologer for remedies. The best protection is to work on building a strong aura of yourself as it disables negative magic completely.

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