Does your birth chart indicate win or loss in Lottery/Betting or Gamble

04 November, 2022

Are you aware that some people are genuinely born to win in the game of chance? While some should not even dare to go close to it? Yes!! there can be a particular phase of life when you are lucky enough to win 100 crores of rupees. You heard it right, gambling or betting or a game of luck can be profitable for some people because of the stars they have in their horoscope.

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Following astrological aspects should be inspected before indulging in Gambling or Betting or Lottery

  1. According to Vedic astrology, Venus is the planet of luxury and Jupiter is the planet of wealth. A combination of the two planets with the Moon in the natal chart draws vast fortune.
  2. A combination of Venus and Jupiter with the Moon is also considered auspicious for winning any game of chance. And the conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon is known as Gaj Keshari Yoga it is the most powerful wealth yoga.
  3. The 8th house also plays a significant role in developing conditions in favour or against prosperity. Luck favours all the more if Jupiter transits in the 8th house, you can get lucky in the lottery.
  4. In astrology 1st, 5th, and 9th houses are considered dharmic houses, so luck surely favours people with these houses firmly placed in the horoscope.
  5. An expert astrologer must observe the placement of the 5th house as it represents profits earned in a speculative business, stock market, betting and gambling.
  6. Auspicious planets in the centre house increase the chance of winning the lottery such as
    • When Aries or Mesha, and Mercury are in the 5th house and Saturn is present in the 11th house.
    • Taurus and Jupiter or Sun in the 5th and 4th house while Venus in the 8th house is a favourable position.

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The innate characteristic and the aspecting planets of each zodiac sign reflect the risk-taking ability for the sweepstakes.

The presence of certain planets in the rising sign or zodiac sign accelerates the probability of winning in games of luck. They even indicate the money acquired via inheritance.

  1. Aquarius are unpredictable and at the same time logical so even if they choose a bigger gambling amount they will always be careful not to overspend. Also, a combination of Saturn and Moon in the career house or 10th house works in their favour.
  2. Pisces are emotional therefore they usually avoid unpredictable lottery games. For fun, they may indulge in the game. For them, the chances of making huge money are high if Jupiter is in the 6th house, Venus in the 8th house, Saturn in the 12th house and Moon in the income house or 9th house.
  3. Aries being aggressive and very competitive would always want the best winning combination to win all the speculation in the lottery or betting gambling. They will be able to accumulate billions of money if the 5th Lord Sun is in its own house and Jupiter & Moon are in the income houses or 9th house in the birth chart.  Also, look for Mars in the 10th house and Moon's presence in the 5th house.
  4. Taurus avoid taking risks and are conservative, they would stay away from the lottery, betting or windfall games.  But if ever they want to try their luck they should consider the time when the ascendant Lord is in the 2nd house, Mercury is in the income house and Jupiter is in the centre.
  5. The extrovert and highly sociable Gemini enjoys playing the lottery game. Something where people get involved together in gambling. When the ascendant Lord Mercury and Luck Lord Saturn are in the 9th house it creates a situation to make lots of money.
  6. Cancer always provides and pursues security with nurturing affection. They may not get involved socially in the Gamble games. But they don't have a problem silently buying online lottery tickets. The 9th  Lord Jupiter's placement in the 6th house, along with Ketu brings wealth and fortune. In the Cancer horoscope, when Saturn is present in the 7th house and Jupiter and Mars in the 11th house it brings lots of luck in wealth.
  7. Leo loves to be in the spotlight and is ambitious. So they won't waver from indulging in a lottery or betting games. The Lord Sun and career Lord Venus conjunction in the Navamsa chart will fetch them wealth in the speculation dealings.   
  8. A systematic, practical Virgo will prefer to plan his winning strategy using various number combination analysis. Venus with Ketu in the 2nd house is a good indication of monetary gain.
  9. Libras' intellectual, harmonious and balanced personality traits will always go for a more systematically organised lottery game. Libra ascendants will make incredibly huge money when the Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu combination are in the 12th house.
  10. Determined, brave and controlling Scorpios are not scared to gamble as they are confident in their predictions. Moon, Jupiter and Ketu combination in the 9th house also known as the luck house will be financially lucky for them.
  11. Sagittarians are never scared of exploring new places which makes them very adaptable and flexible people. So you never know they may end up buying lottery tickets during their journey. In the Sagittarius horoscope, if Jupiter and Mercury's planets are in the ascendant, Sun and Venus are in the 9th house or wealth house and Mars & Rahu are in the 6th house the wealth will magnify.
  12. Capricorns are fearless and aggressive and easily switch between materialistic and emotional domains. Therefore like Virgos, they prefer doing number combination analysis before purchasing a lottery ticket or indulging in gambling. The Moon and Mars conjunction in the income house or 9th house will bring fortune.

To Conclude

I would suggest irrespective of your Zodiac sign, it's better to check a favourable time based on your horoscope or you can even combine it with the numerical analysis of the winning number.

So if you are interested in windfall gains through any game of speculation then consult an Astrologer for a detailed gambling report. He will help you understand your Planetary position connection with Lottery or betting or gambling sweepstakes. 

There is another way to increase your chances in the lottery or gambling by taking help of Lucky numbers or winning numbers based on Date of Birth. Else you can choose the number which has always proved lucky for you. 

The author of the book ‘How to win the lottery' Richard Lustig recommends not changing the number every time you lose in Gambling. And also do not randomly pick any number, do some analysis before engaging in the game. He suggests using the same number again and again in case later they come up. 

But at the end of the day, any form of gambling or lottery or betting can be very addictive. In spite of approval by the government, it is harmful and you should not get pulled into unhealthy habits. For example, some people to meet their yearnings for gambling use funds reserved for household expenses.

The most important thing you need to know about playing the lottery or jackpot money is that, set a budget and don't budge from it. As long as it doesn't supersede your intellect playing such gambling games or Lottery or betting can be fun and harmless.

Traditionally Gambling, betting, lotteries or easily acquired money is not a righteous way to earn money. The best example given in every Indian family is of Yudhishtra, the eldest Pandav from the epic Mahabharata. Yudhishtra, despite being a Dharmic or righteous person, still fell into the gambling trap. He lost everything from kingdom to relations to the ungovernable game of dice. His act of pawning his brothers and his wife reflects the magnitude of its influence. Although, it was his wrong interpretation of Dharma or morality to abide by the rules, that pulled him inside the treacherously planned game. Still, the fact remains that in any era, Gambling games can turn out wicked and push even the sain est of men to insanity. While getting involved in making easy money, people can encounter any problematic situation. Don't forget to ask a serious question to ask on gambling or speculation from our astrologer 

It could be possible that you are having the luck of winning a big money in your horoscope but some malefic combinations in the horoscope blocking your success. You can also go for the remedies for money/wealth that astrologer is going to suggest you after seeing your horoscope. 

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