How to Use Birth Chart for Personal Growth

17 November, 2023

How to Use Birth Chart for Personal Growth? 

Astrology’s realm is wider, vaster and more insightful. Being an ancient, rooted practice, it has been implemented for centuries. As the times evolve, the approach to astrology and its teachings are perceived as guiding paths for those who have a steadfast belief in the magic of astrology. From birth chart to knowing what will happen in your life in the coming times, the realms and offerings of astrology are endless. 

Astrology has opened the doors of the future wide open, which always needs to be taken with a grain of salt. If you desire to use your birth chart to determine how the graph of your personal growth will ascend, then looking into some aspects with focus is essential. Let’s understand how you can use your birth chart for personal growth.

Know Your Birth Chart

Let’s understand the basics of your birth chart before knowing its usage. 

• Zodiacs: Astrology has a wide tapestry and is a sum of 12 signs, where each sign has a different personality and the traits plus characteristics they possess. 

• Planets: The celestial movement of planets has a huge role to play in the personality that one has and how one move in life. Different planets have different movements in their personalities. 

• Houses: Every birth chart has 12 houses, which govern the different areas of life. These domains are professional life, personal – family, and relationships. 

• Aspects: Aspects are no rocket science or new to astrology. These are like the angles formed between planets in your chart. They influence the interactions and how this affects you in the long run.

Birth Chart for Personal Growth – How to Use It 

1. Self-awareness: Before proceeding with anything else, it is important that you have a better understanding of who you are, what are your personality traits and how exceptional you are. Once you start studying your birth chart, you must better understand your weaknesses and strengths. Herein, you need to know how your dominant signs are the placement of houses and planets. This will let you accept your true self and become more self-aware of how your personality evolves.

2. What is the purpose of your life: Along with your personal growth, mapping your professional life is essential too. The positions of different natural elements from the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in your birth chart each have an indispensable role in offering valuable insights into the direction and purpose of your life. For example, if the Sun is residing in Leo at the moment and the Moon in Pisces, you will have this urge from inside to express the creativity and compassion you have to do something different in your life.

3. Celebrating your strengths: Your birth chart has a lot in store to offer, from knowing which areas of your expertise to the domains where you need to put some hard work to prove yourself and gain better results. Your natural talents, skills and abilities will come out with the analysis of your birth chart. You need to take these areas forward and keep working on them to refine them and not be overconfident. However, they require less work than the skills which require the most effort from you. For instance, if your Aries has a stronger presence on Mars, you can channel your energy in the right direction, where taking initiative and pursuing your goals becomes a cakewalk.

4. Don’t forget to work on your weaknesses: Life is always a lesson and its chapters never end. Your birth chart showcases your weak areas or the domains that demand the most attention from you. Your challenges and areas of growth become clearer with the self-discovery of your birth chart. For instance, you would sometimes be required to deal with patience and consistency when Saturn is in a problematic pattern. All you need to do is to use this knowledge to move wisely in your life.

5. Love life: Not only do you get to work on your professional life, but your love life too. With your birth chart, you can match your compatibility and traits that match with your partner the most. This relationship discovery can help you to navigate the path of joy in your relationship and emotional fulfilment. Birth chart in your relationship life can offer insights into your patterns of communicating with your partner, the potential areas of conflicting interests, or the degree of intimacy in your bond. 

6. Timings and events: Your birth chart can also influence the events, their time and the recurring cycle of your life. Your current astrological transits and activities can be well catered to and explained with the help of a renowned personal growth astrologer who knows what path of life will best pay you back in terms of the time and efforts you invest today. Through such informed decisions, you can move in a pattern of progression in your life to navigate the ups and downs of life rightly. There is no fixed way of living life rightly; it is all a mixture of guidance and lessons you learn from time to time. 

7. Personal growth practices: Your journey of personal growth becomes smoother when the guiding angle of astrology comes into the journey as an accompaniment. However, you must approach this endeavour with care, caution, and rationality, as it is not a universally accepted, stone-engraved truth. It must always be practiced with personal beliefs and caution. Align your life goals with the astrological portfolio for outputs to speak in spades of their success. Pursue careers based on your natural talents as per the birth charts. 

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Final Words

The algorithm to success depends much on your time and efforts. This journey becomes smoother with the accompaniment of astrology, birth charts and other analyses. A birth chart is one of the most powerful personal growth and self-discovery tools. So, harness your strengths and keep working on your weaknesses to accurately shape your destiny based on your birth chart's insightfulness.

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