Bihar Assembly Election - 2015 - Astrological Prediction

16 October, 2015
Bihar Assembly Election - 2015 - Astrological Prediction Bihar Assembly Election - 2015 - Astrological Prediction

Election Commission has declared the dates for bihar assembly election . Elections will be held in 5 phases. 12th Oct, 16th Oct, 28th Oct, 1st Nov and 5th Nov. Results will be declared on 8th of November 2015. The major parties who going to contest Bihar Assembly election 2015 ar NDA and Janta Parivar. There are total 243 seats in Bihar Legislative Assembly (Bihar Vidhan Sabha). Currently, BJP has 91 MLAs, JDU has 115 MLAs, RJD has 22, Congress has 4 and others 11 MLAs in Bihar. As per astrology Calculation, Janta Parivar was formed on 15th April 2015 at 17:100 PM and at that time Virgo sign was on rise. But Rahu is already there, which created big confusion, dejection and problems. Moon is creating KemDrum Yog in Janta Parivar which will generate lots of confusion. At present BJP is running in Sun-Saturn-Mars dasha phase till 29th of October 2015. This will be a period of power for the party, but again few disputes are expected. But after 29th October 2015 Rahu dasha will be operation. Saturn and Rahu indicate the materialization of a Dalit or lower caste leader for the alliance. The result date and planets positions on that day when result will come out will have its importance. Bihar's chart, on the date of poll results, 08th November 2015 at 12:00 PM indicates that Lord of the tenth house Sun is debilitated on Transit day, Sun is placed in the twelfth house along with lord of eighth house Mercury shows that present governing party will be entirely wash out. In transit, debilitated tenth lord with eighth lord transitory through twelfth house of Bihar's chart suggest a perfect change in the Government with the terrible fall of ruling government. Influential Jupiter (Guru) is transiting during tenth house of Bihar polls shows that BJP will come to power. Planets including Mars in eleventh house of Bihar's chart specify the election results will turn out to be a growth for the state. This result will put the state on corridor of development for a long time to come. As per the chart of Narendra Modi ji, Shani (Yogakaraka), Moon (tenth Lord), Mars(chandra Rashi Lord), Parivartana between Venus & Shani are adequate sufficient to show that Bihar is going to vote for him. Overall in Bihar assembly poll 2015 BJP is going to record complete success in Bihar on 8th November 2015. Luck will beam on Bihar and the state will be sited on the course of growth. It will be a turning face in not only Bihar's history but also for BJP and MODI Government. Bihar Assembly Election - 2015 - Astrological Prediction

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