Astrology Remedies for Professional Growth

08 July, 2024
Astrology Remedies for Professional Growth Astrology Remedies for Professional Growth

Business growth isn’t a cakewalk. Hours of daily efforts and years of hard work sometimes aren’t enough to grow professionally. When nothing seems to be working for you, try some astrological remedies for professional growth as often cosmic support works wonders in reaching the desired apex of success and growth. Let us look at some Astrology Remedies for Professional Growth. Try following highly productive and result–oriented home tips to mark success in the professional realm.

Best Astrological Remedies for Career Success and Growth

Remedies for professional growth

Recite the Ascendant planet mantra regularly

Chanting the mantra of the ruling planet of the 10th house in your natal chart regularly can be highly useful in fetching results. The 10th house is the career house in the natal chart. Chanting mantra for career has a positive impact on career. Know your mantra with the help of the finest astrologer.

Fit in your early morning routine

The first thing that you shouldn’t miss doing is to have a first glance at your palm. Pray for all you wish for in your career and express gratitude to all you have. Palm is said to be the abode of goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, and lord Govind who blesses wealth, knowledge, and wisdom needed to excel in the realm of career.

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Do positive to get back positive

Karma says what you do to others get back to you sooner or later with more intensity. A hand of help to let someone prosper professionally will open the doors of growth and success for you if not instantly but in due course of time. Good deeds aid in mitigating the harsh impacts on Saturn and invite positive outcomes of your every good deed. Also providing boiled rice to crows that signifies Saturn, the house of the profession in astrology strengthens the prospects of succeeding professionally.

Get your career report

Career report involving career predictions by astrologers revealing good phases of your life will be immensely helpful. You can know when decisions will turn right with the support of cosmic powers and planetary positions. Engage in matters concerning important decisions based on your career report to have a more fruitful time. Get your detailed career report at Ask Ganesha to have a smooth flight in the realm of career and business.

Entreat Lord Ganesha

Before starting any business venture or taking an important move in your career, gratify lord Ganesha and worship him. Ganesha is said to be Vighnaharta, the obstacle remover whose blessing will make the journey of your career suave. Chanting Ganesha mantra would help you with the courage to combat the odds in your career or business ventures.

Worship Lord Sun

Offering jal to the Sun every day in a copper vessel with a sweetener like sugar or jaggery added to it with the Surya mantra at least 11 times can help a shining career to the devotee. Sunday is the day of the Sun and offering jal on this day helps in fetching blessings of success and positivity to the individual. Perform the Lord Surya Puja with to get Success and Abundance in life.

Follow Vastu Shastra's tips for a great career

Vastu Shastra tips for a great career

The science of direction and Vastu Shastra tips can also smooth your journey toward success in the professional field. Take a look at some Vastu tips to excel professionally below:

Sleep with your head in the east direction

• Keeping the North zone of the office away from scrap and unproductive stuff would help.

• A picture of Mountain on the wall of your work place gives robust support to career growth.

• Disposing of all the scraps and fixing the broken stuff is mandatory for hurdle-free professional growth.

Wrapping Up: Effective Astrology Tips for Professional Growth

These generic remedies have no detrimental impacts on professional growth; rather it intensifies the prospects of great and successful professional life. Anyone can do it since most of them are general remedies. For specific remedies for successful professional life, talk to astrologer at Ask Ganesha, the team of globally acclaimed astrologers for remedial consultancy report.

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