Aries: How to Make More Money?

04 April, 2014
A typical Aries is always bursting with energy and has trouble sitting still. They'll be the ones fidgeting during a lecture or a ceremony, more than excited to get out and get going. They have a similar approach when it comes to money. They do not think much before spending money and spend it as and when they like. Unlike Water and Earth signs, Arians will not cling to their money, parting with it as naturally as they part with an activity they've been engaged in for too long.
Since Aries is a fire sign, these people are very impulsive and have the propensity to spend all they have at once. However, Arians are very competitive and hence they love to be on top. Therefore, they love to earn money as much as they love to spend it. Arians like to be their own boss and hence do not like to listen to people tell them how they should do things and when they should do things. They are their own masters and do not succumb to pressure or authority. In fact, they often have a genuine distaste for authority.
Aries people are workaholics and hence they make good business persons. A confined work place can set them off and depress them. This will not let them give their best to the work and will result in failure at work for Aries. Aries are people bursting with enthusiasm and they like to be mentally as well as physically engaged in work. This deep seated need for physical activity will often attract the Arian to fast paced, adventurous jobs with ample scope for action. They do not like routine work. They like to work where a lot of creativity is involved and something new, magnificent is created every day. They do not like to lead life at a slow pace and love to work in unpredictable conditions. This allows them to put their brains to use in different situations and apply their wits strategically. Arians are attracted by jobs that require innovative skills. Here the Aries can work at his own pace and express his creative and innovative skills. Aries like to do challenging work. They are comfortable only when they are fighting and competing for every breath. Normal life is not meant for them. It is too boring and mundane for the adventure loving Arian. Since Aries people enjoy the uncertainties of life, risk taking and gambling is acceptable and even enjoyed by some of them.
When it comes to finances, Arians have their own rules. Just like they know how to spend well, they know how to make a good deal while spending. They are great at negotiation and bargaining. And this also makes them great investors. They believe in working hard, and spending harder. A great quality in a friend and partner if you look love some adventure yourself. It is advisable for Aries people to spend judiciously save some money for their future.
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