Aquarius Fashion and Lifestyle

02 June, 2014
Do you love those cheetah patterns? Or ever wondered that why you get attracted towards them? Or you young lady get easily attracted by the fashion sense of your sister or your mother? Ever noticed or gave a thought that your zodiac sign can define your fashion statement? Well the stars say YES! Let's see how they decide your love for particular color and fashion taste. Aquarius zodiac sign people are rebel. They are frees souls and love to be independent. You can be their worst enemy if you try to dominate them. They don't like receiving orders from someone. They define rules and don't like to get ruled by other. They are concerned about achieving their goals at any cost. So if you are thinking to stop them from getting to their aim, you might end up wasting your time. They are free minded and support changes around themselves. They might be blunt at times. Truth is always on the tip of their tongue. So don't feel bad if their words ever hurt you. They might not weigh emotions equally in their decisions. They are strong, determined about everything they do.

Aquarius and Fashion

Aquarius believes in creating its own fashion statement. They might stand away from the crowd with their fashion style (Yes! You might find them weird in parties). But they are very sporty when it's about trying new fashion. Light shades of blue and pink attract them. But they might carry the sensuous black and other dark shaded to show their unique and undefined attitude. They keep themselves away from RED definition in fashion. No red gown, trousers or shirts. Judging their fashion taste is a tough task. They might appear sweet with polka dot dress but you might find them bold, hot and sexy with their fashion style the very next moment. So don't judge their fashion style. Just see how calmly they play with their piece of clothes as they put on. Think 100 times before gifting them with leather and fur stuffs. Their hatred for such outfits is allergic and you might end up being the enemy of evening. What they actually love is a complex question. Their fashion taste is similar to Leo, they are fond of print designs. But they tend to find their own fashion in the same in the animal prints. Don't forget the trendsetting nature of Aquarius. They like to wear comfortable clothes. You can find them roaming around in lose payjamas or some easy shorts. Comfort is their priority. They will not touch the piece id they aren't comfortable wearing it, which includes the skin show as well.

Party Wear for Aquarius

Aquarius doesn't like to grab attention. They prefer easy night outs with lots of fun. They really don't think of what to wear. They wear for their own sake. Attention on some random night is a big NO-NO!

Anklets and Bracelets?

Wearing an anklet, bracelet or any other necessary is a not a "must-to-have" in their checklist. They are just happy the way the carry themselves regardless of any enhancement to their fashion. They make a statement with their accessories. Necklace, bracelets hand bag are some accessories they like to carry. But they don't make a n extra effort to catch on with heavy dangles. Next time you are thinking to buy something for your Aquarius friend, keep in mind there points- simple, easy and comfortable. You shall choose something they would love to have in their wardrobe.

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