Amroha Murder case - What transpired in Shabnam’s mind? That made her a murderer for her own family.

20 July, 2022

Even her double MA in two subjects and her respectable profession as a school Teacher did not deter her from committing such a heinous crime.

Shabnam’s uncle stated that she was a reserved girl "every bit the obedient daughter" who nobody thought could murder her family for her lover.

What transpired in Shabnam’s mind? That made her a murderer for her own family. 

Shabnam is from a village near Amroha, Muradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2008, Shabnam along with her lover Saleem was convicted of killing seven members of her family including her 10-month-old nephew. The reason being her family did not accept her relationship with Saleem, who was a Class VI dropout and worked at a wood sawing unit. He belonged to a Pathan community whereas Shabnam was from Saifi Muslim, a well-to-do Landholders in the village.

The investigation team did not take much time to discover that Shabnam and her lover Saleem conceived and carried out the murder. Later after her arrest, it was found that Shabnam was 7 weeks pregnant. Consequently, her son was born in December of the same year in Prison. He stayed with her in the prison for six years. After that in 2015, he was adopted by Usman Saifi, who was two years junior to Shabnam in her college. Contrasting to the situation, Usman Saifi quoted Shabnam’s helpful nature towards him in college, as the reason to come forward to adopt Shabnam’s Son.

They have been in the prison since 2008, they were sentenced to Death in 2010 by the District Court of Amroha. And the court described Shabnam as a “ruthless girl” with a “strong heart”

Shabnam may become the first Indian Woman to get hanged till Death since Independence.

As her mercy plea has been rejected many times, by the district court, High court, Supreme Court, UP Governor, and former President of India Pranab Mukherjee, all upholding the Death Sentence given to her.

Recently in the year 2021, Shabnam's 12-year-old son Taj Mohammed appealed to the President of India Ram Nath Kovind, seeking mercy for his mother. Following this, Shabnam's lawyer Sahar Naqvi also filed a mercy petition to UP Governor Anandiben Patel and the President of India saying that no woman has been hanged in the history of India. If Shabnam is hanged, then India will be defamed all over the world. Therefore, he asked to change Shabnam's Death sentence to life imprisonment.

However once again her mercy petition was declined both by Anandiben Patel and Ram Nath Kovind. Thus, paving the way to hang Shabnam along with her lover Salim.

The latest activities in the Amroha case have raised a few eyebrows as they think it may defame India‘s image and place it against Women rightists 

The media is abuzz with the news of Shabnam and Saleem’s death sentence execution in UP‘s Mathura Prison. According to one of the Senior Jail Superintendents, the jail administration has started the preparation for the hanging.

 As soon as the Death warrant for Shabnam and Salim will be issued, the wait for the pursuance of Capital Punishment, for such a gory act will get over. 

And Shabnam will become India’s first woman to be hanged Post India’s Independence. 

Still, the question remains unanswered, what thoughts were shuttling inside Shabnam's mind on that dreadful night? 

The provocative thought engulfed her so much that even her humble family background and helpful nature did not hold her back from committing such a heinous crime.

What I could gather from the news compiled about her, is that she enjoyed her courtship with Salim and later couldn't accept the adverse reaction from her family which made her commit the massacre. 

Let us understand it from the astrological point of view. 

Could it possibly be the influence of any malefic or transiting planet? Many times we have seen or read about the sudden debacle of people or celebrities from their ecstatic state.

One of the primary reasons in astrology for the sudden change of circumstances or mental state has been cited as ‘Shani in Sade Sati’ or transit of Saturn or Shani in the natal moon (7.5 years).

Saturn or Shani as per Vedic astrology

It spends 2.5 years in each Zodiac sign, it has been connected to the Karmic cycle and righteousness. It makes us realise our bad karma or deeds. And through introspection, if we choose to correct our wrongdoings it can turn out to be a benefic planet. So contrary to the generic belief ‘Shani ki Sade Sati brings miseries’ it can even function in your favour, when controlled through virtuous actions. However, if you do not correct your ways, then it can affect you mentally, physically and emotionally for a long time. It usually hits people during the transition stage in their 20s, 50s, and 80’s. Shabnam too was in her early 20s and chose to take such a drastic step against her family. 

Impact of Shani or Saturn’s Sade Sati

It begins in a native sign as Saturn enters the 12th sign from the Natal Moon chart and ends with its exit from the 2nd sign of the natal moon chart. Although it stays for 2.5 years in each sign overall its effect stays in the sign for 7.5 years with different intensities.

Therefore accordingly ‘Shani ki Sade Sati’ has three stages: 

One sign before your moon sign

  • In the first stage, it detaches the native from his close relations or basic life needs (family, money, friends).

Second stage when it is in your sign

  • The second or middle stage is the most crucial stage if karmic account is not clean it will bring a terrible transformation to your mind, profession, partner and life.

The last third stage when it moves to the sign after your Moon sign.

  • The third and last stage is regarded as replenishing, if the native takes corrective karmic measures then his losses in the first stages will recover, otherwise the Shani ki Sade Sati will exit painfully.

Thus Saturn is not a malefic planet if your Karma is straight. But it can become ruthless if the individual fails to comprehend and continue behaving egotistically. 

If you want to understand Saturn and its effects in more detail please read Askganesha's blog on shani Amavasya Shani Jayanti



A few distinct symptoms of Saturns or Shani ki Sade Sati in the natives chart are 

  • It makes a person unemotional and increases indecisive behavior

  • Anxiety level surges and becomes intolerant

  • Always fears losses and mind is occupied with unpleasant thoughts

  • Mental capability to control our actions declines 

A weak Saturn does give a very tough time so besides Karmic corrections some commonly suggested measures by astrologers are:

  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa and visit Lord Shani temple on Saturdays. 

  • Make small offerings of Mustard oil and black sesame seeds with eyesight at the feet of Lord Shani. Do not make any eye contact with Saturn or Shani.

  • Since Saturn is a slow-moving planet it is considered an old-aged planet so never disrespect your elders. If possible make donations to old age homes.

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, non-veg and other such restricted food or else you can also fast on Saturdays.

For more Nivarans or Remedial measures please go through Askganesha’s Sadi Sati Dosh Nivaran blog.

Askganesha also carries out Shani puja which will be based on your Kundli. The expert astrologers can help you to understand the Saturn position in your chart and accordingly they will suggest solutions to your problems.

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