5 zodiac signs likely to settle abroad in 2024

22 January, 2024
5 zodiac signs likely to settle abroad in 2024 5 zodiac signs likely to settle abroad in 2024

If you are one of those people who dream of living the rest of your life in a foreign country, then 2024 might be the year for you. Astrology gives us an insight into our future by looking at the influence of planets on our daily affairs. There might be certain zodiac signs that give preference to a more adventurous life. Therefore, let’s look at five zodiac signs that are most likely to settle abroad in the year 2024

Getting Started


Planets and stars are in a favorable position for people in the sign of Gemini to move abroad in 2024. Students who are looking for an opportunity to move to a foreign country and start their studies over there should be looking to do it right away. If you are a businessman and looking to expand your business into a new territory, then 2024 is the year to do it. Overall Gemini people have a good grasp on new languages which makes it easier for them to adapt to a new country. Gemini have a very vivid imagination and settling abroad while working in any sort of profession where they can display their artistic vision would be perfect for them.


People from the Sagittarius sign love to expand their horizons by studying or traveling abroad. 2024 for natives of Sagittarius will be a good opportunity for these signs to look for a job in a faraway destination that will allow them not only a chance to experience a different and vibrant culture but also earn money. Sagittarius are known to be people of independent minds who love to take risks in business or sports. Therefore, starting a new business abroad might be a great idea for them, or getting involved in a sport that might allow them to travel and settle internationally might be a good idea as well.


Aquarius zodiac signs are people that like a lot of activity in their life. These people are philanthropic, humanitarian, and caring people. They like to look out for others as much as themselves. People of this sign are well suited to settling abroad in 2024. Since they are empathetic people, they should look for jobs and projects involving helping people and look to join organizations that empower other people. These can mean looking for jobs or starting their charities, or welfare organizations abroad. If these people are involved in helping others as well as earning a decent earning for themselves, settling internationally is a great option for them.


Leo is known to be a natural-born leader which allows them to explore new experiences easily therefore making them one of the signs most likely to settle abroad in 2024. They are people that like attention and that would allow them to take projects where they can lead people internationally in a project in 2024. They have a very charismatic personality which allows other people to be attracted to them and can travel with them abroad on a new adventure as well. Leo people are not just attention seekers they also love to work hard in whatever work or project they are involved in which draws other people to them. A good career for them to undertake might be acting as it allows them to be the focus of attention and at the same time travel and settle abroad.

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Virgo is one of the zodiac signs that takes few trips but most of them are of high quality, and they usually end up settling there. They plan their trips quite carefully and diligently, especially if it’s international. The chances of Virgo settling abroad in 2024 are quite high as they are supposed to be progressive and appropriate for learning new things. Virgo signs are highly efficient, committed, and responsible people. For them jobs in the public sector internationally would be a great fit and allow them to showcase their strong sense of loyalty on display.

2024 looks ahead to be a good year for economic and social development. This could finally be the year you decide to go ahead and apply for that job you were thinking about or complete your educational degrees internationally. Therefore in 2024 the signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo, and Gemini are most likely to settle abroad.

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