5 Astrological uses of Peacock Feathers

01 February, 2024
5 Astrological uses of Peacock Feathers 5 Astrological uses of Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers have enticed deities also in addition to human beings. The real exquisiteness of the crown of lord Krishna lies in its feathers. The peacock feather symbolizes lord Krishna and has significance in various cultures and science. The vibrant-hued feather is adored enormously worldwide and amazingly has numerous remedial qualities also which makes it even more precious. Let's find out 5 Astrological uses of Peacock Feather.

Check out the unmatched 5 astrological remedial properties and uses of peacock feathers.

Monetary stability and growth

When nothing seems working about increasing income, procuring stability, and prospering, rely blindly on the power of peacock feathers. According to astrological beliefs, peacock feathers have a strong connection with Goddess Laxmi, the deity of wealth and abundance. Keeping peacock feathers in your place of business or financial area at home is believed to attract financial prosperity and bring about opportunities for success. Along with Krishna, these feathers are also very dear to the goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, keeping it at your workplace or home ensures fiscal gains and harmony. 

Keeping seven peacock feathers in your locker of the business place and chant the Maha Lakshmi Mantra to ensure good returns, whereas keeping it in the south nook of the home will ensure all-around positive results.

Opposing the negative energies

The feather of the vehicle of lord Kartikeya, peacock feathers have strong positive vibes that don’t let negativity or negative energy propel them further. You must have seen many people removing Nazar dosha with a bunch of peacock feathers. Keep feathers at the desired workplace to keep negativity at a distance from you. It is kept both at the workplace and at home to preserve the positivity in the building.

Strengthen relationships and improve love life

Disputes in family or strain in relationships are inevitable. Likewise, peacock feathers can improve the romantic or live life of individuals also. It is effective in reducing the differences within the family or between couples. When your motive is to strengthen relationships, place the seven feathers on the eastern wall of the living room of your house. Let the feathers be at the best place to attract positive energy for you and your home.

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Restorative property

Peacock feathers have healing abilities and kept in the zone of meditation can let you procure the most tranquilizing state in life. Develop your sixth sense, grow spiritually, and heal yourself.

Fortify Mercury’s blessing

Mercury planet is associated with peacock feathers. Keeping peacock feathers along can save you from the fury of planet Mercury. It is also fruitful in empowering life with stability, astuteness, and communiqué. 

In Nutshell

It is an astrological remedy that must not be followed at the cost of the life of a peacock. To have a positive change in your life, procure the peacock feathers that aren’t obtained after brutality towards the most beautiful bird. 

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