Astrology Tips to Avoid Shani's Fury or Anger

Remedies To Impress Shani Dev

We are going to tell you the effect tips which will help please Saturn Dev for you. In Vedic astrology, Saturn is called a natural malefic planet. Sun's son Saturn is a beloved and a fruitful farmer. Saturn's work is to maintain equilibrium in nature, therefore, Shani Puja is very important in Kal Yuga. According to astrology, if there is a sade saati or Dhaiya of Saturn in the horoscope of a person, then there are many problems in life, so there are several ways to avoid the evil effects of Saturn in the Shastra. Among them here are a few tips to get Lord Saturn's grace.

The Remedies done to impress Shani dev :
  • 108 Lessons of Hanuman Chalisa :Hanuman Chalisa is the perfect way to escape from the wrath of Saturn Dev. If your horoscope is having Shani dasha or under sade saati effect and you are suffering from the wrath of Saturn, then the text of Hanuman Chalisa is an absolute remedy for you. The text of Shri Hanuman Chalisa gives salvation from all the troubles of Saturn
  • The here mentioned mantra "OM PRAM PRIM PROM SAH SHANISHCARAEY NAMAH " is the  Shani Beej Mantra  to help please Saturn Dev's and to get His blessings
  • Sesame, oil and Chapatra donation : Sesame seeds and oil are very dear to Shani Dev so the donation of these things is considered as the main remedy for Saturn's peace. According to the scriptures, their charity removes the hardships given by Shani Dev. Chapatra is a method of donating which is very simple. Take Mustard oil in a clay pot and see its reflection in it and donate it to remove all the sufferings
  • Hold root of Dhatura or Devil's trumpet : Vedic astrology is the law of consolation of the planets through various roots. To get the grace of Saturn planet, it has been advised to put the root of Dhatura in the scriptures. It can be worn by sticking the root of Dhatura or binding it in the hand. After holding this herb, you will start receiving Shani's blessings. It is auspicious to hold the root of Dhatura
  • Wear the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha :In astrology, the seven-faced Rudraksh represents the Saturn planet, so by holding it the person receives the blessings of Shani Dev.This Rudraksha is relieved of Saturn's illefects by washing it with Ganga water on Monday or Saturday.
The Remedies done to impress Shani dev :
  • Feeding black dogs, black cows and black birds helps blessings of Lord Shani
  • On Saturday, feed the ants to the dough or feed the fodder, this will help increaments
  • On Saturdays, the gifts related to Saturn (whole, urad, iron, oil, sesame seed, black cloth) should be donated in Saturn's Hora and during Saturn's Nakshtras (Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarra Bhadrapad) in the afternoon or in the evening
  • Wearing the ring made of a black horse nail or boat keel on Saturday in middle finger helps prevent Shani's wrath.
  • After bathing in the morning on Saturday, offer water to the Peepal, and circulate around it seven times and after sunset light the lamp on the Peepal tree. This will give you the blessings of Shani Dev and get rid of Shani Dosh.
Technique to perform Shanivar Fast :
  • Fill the water in a pile after bathing in the morning. Under the Peepal tree, make an altar by placing it with the kalash near the root. Make a twenty-four lotus leaves of colored rice on the altar
  • Bathe the statue of Shani Deva with black scent, floral, flowers and exquisite navadayas
  • Wrap seven threads of cotton into a Peepal tree and perform rituals worshiping the tree.
  • Listen to devotion and affection on Saturday's fast-paced story and give respect and some donations to the person who tells the story.
  • Donate sesame seeds, barley, urad, jaggery, iron, mustard oil and blue clothes. Distribute Prasad by making aarti and prayer.

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