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Remedies Of Plants

What are the auspicious trees in the house; this is a very interesting question. It is said that they open the closed luck by putting these plants at an auspicious place as mentioned in the Scriptures. If the place of plants is not auspicious, then the person has to suffer its inauspicious consequences and many plants/trees are considered to be unlucky in the house.

Auspicious tree plants in the house :
  • Tulsi/ Holy Basil : Tutsi's name comes first when talking about auspicious plant in the house. Tulsi has been given the status of Lakshmi in the scriptures. It is said that in the house where there is a basil plant and the proper worship of the plant is done then there is always the increase of wealth in that house. This plant removes the negative flaws in the house. According to Vaastu Shastra, Tulsi plant should not be planted in the southern part of the house. If this happens, then this plant will be painful for you, therefore, it is necessary to always place the Basil plant in the north or right direction. Tulsi should be watered in the morning after bathing, after bathing. Basil is also of great importance in the form of medicine
  • Amla/ Indian Gooseberries : If there is talk of auspicious tree in the house then the amla tree is also mentioned. Amla tree should be planted for troubleshooting any kind of problem in the house. It is said that the worship of Amla tree should be done regularly. This eliminates all sins of life. According to religious belief, all the Gods have a habitat on the tree of Amla. Lord Krishna himself lives in the root of Vishnu Amval in Kartik month. Its fruit is very dear to Lord Vishnu. If the amla tree in the north is in the north or east direction, it is very beneficial for you. This tree also fulfils human wishes. It is also mentioned in the scriptures that if a person carries a regular puja and carries a plant by taking Amla's tree, then he gets the same fruits as Rajsuya Yajna
  • Shvetaraka : Shvartak plant is a plant that is associated with Lord Ganesha and it is counted among the auspicious plants planted in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, the plants with milk are inauspicious in the boundary of the house, but the exception is made for Shvetaraka. Serve this plant or shrub with turmeric, water with the raw rice. Doing so keeps the house in full of success swing and happiness. The home owner receives the benefit of secret funds suddenly. Its roots have medicinal properties. Lord Shiva is worshiped in its flower. Apart from this, this plant is also worshiped to please Sun God
  • Shami/ Prosopis Cineraria : Shami plant is related in astrology to Shani Dev, therefore, to get the blessings of the Saturn God, and to make it more friendly one should worship this plant. According to Vaastu Shastra, the Shami tree should be placed at a short distance to the left side of the main entrance of the house so that its shade does not fall at home
  • Ashwagandha/ Rennet : Ashwagandha's root is very effective for Ayurvedic medicine. This is a very good plant to put in the house. By applying this, all types of Vastu defects are eliminated in the house. In the remedy of Ketu planet, the root of Ashwagandha comes in very handy.
  • Polyalthia Longifolia/ Ashok Tree : By planting Ashok tree near the house, all the ominous activates of other trees and people is eradicated from its roots. Asoka tree is considered auspicious tree in Hinduism. It is said that in the house where this tree is engaged, there is mutual harmony in that house. If there is talk of an auspicious plant in the house then the name of the Asoka tree is definitely taken
  • Plantain or Banana Tree/ Kela Ka Pedh :According to Vaastu Shastra, Banana tree in the house should be in the north angle. There is such a belief about banana tree that if you sit and study under its shade then it will be remembered quickly. Banana plant has also been considered as important for religious reasons. Talking about the auspicious plant at home, it is worshiped on the Kela tree on Thursday
  • Mangifera Indica or Mango/ Aam : Do you know what kind of harm can you get on planting a mango tree around the house? Having a mango tree at home has a bad effect on children. Therefore, it should not be planted near the house. If you already existed then you can plant a tree like Coconut, Neem, and Ashok alongside of it

Planting of trees is very essential for balancing the natural environment. It is also very important for the life cycle of all creatures and animals. Shvartak plant should be served with turmeric, uneven and water

We hope these remedies based on auspicious tree plants in the house can prove useful to you.

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