Remedies to become Tall

Remedies To Become Tall

Attractive personality is the first demand of everyone, especially to be successful in today's era, and influential personality has become mandatory in every field. It is important to have good height for attraction in personality. Through this article, a lot of measures related to increasing height are being suggested. This article will help you take steps towards increasing your height, and these remedies will create confidence and make you look taller. Learn what is the hidden astrological view behind stature? So let's read the remedies to know more about the long-term solution.

  • Make Lagnesh stronger The first house is the foundation of anatomy. It represents the head, brain, and surrounding areas in body parts. Lagan is also known as the body, which is also called Tanu. To build a better body structure, personality, and the stronger you can make benefit from the following remedies. You can chant the lagnesh mantra, keep lagnesh yantra or wear gems as per your horoscpe.
  • The 12th house of horoscope remedy Good and adequate sleep is essential for good growth, because the muscles and body spreads while sleeping. The 12th house is the house of sleep in the horoscope. Many times, due to the placement of a inauspicious planet, the person starts having problems of insomnia or bad dreams during sleep or there is restlessness, to overcome this donations related to the 12th house and malefic planets is recommended.
  • Make your Mars/ Mangal Strong The maximum efforts in sports also helps in improving height.  Mars represents such areas that require courage, physical strength, mental capacity etc. If Mars is strong, then the person is involved in sports like wrestling, tennis, football, boxing, etc. and keeps himself fit physically. Chant the mangal Mantra  and fast on Tuesdays
  • Performing Surya Namaskar : Surya Namaskar means that the sun has to be bowed down or greeted. It is the best in all Yogasans This single exercise alone is able to bring the benefit of the whole yogic exercise to the seeker. By practicing it, the seeker's body becomes rustic starts getting healthier

Yoga - One can do more necessary yoga actions to increase the length. To increase the speed of the heights, you can also do postures such as Tadasan, Halasan, Bhujangasan, a pashchimottaanaasan and sarvaangaasan by doing these, there is pressure on the muscles so that it pulls and the lobe increases. Let's learn how these asana's are done.

  • Tadasan : it is advised that at first of all you stand up and keep your waist and neck straight. Now, make your hands above the head and slowly take the whole body while breathing. Feel the stretch from the toe to the fingers of the hand. Keep this state for some time and then breathe out and breathe. Slowly bring your hands and body to the first stage while leaving the breath. Practice this whole cycle at least three to four times.
  • Halasan : First lie down on the back and keep your hands close to the thighs. Now you should slowly lift your feet without first turning 30 degrees, then 60 degrees and then 90 degrees. Leaving the breath, picking the feet back behind the head and touching the fingers of the feet with the ground. Yoga has now taken the form of Halasan. Breathe slowly and breathe comfortably. Hold this seat as much as possible, and then gradually come into the original state. You can also do this cycle 3 to 5 times.
  • Bhujagasan (Snake's pose) : At first you lie down on your stomach. Now bring your palm directly to the shoulder. Reduce the distance between the legs and keep the feet straight and taut. Now breathing, lift the next part of the body to the navel. Keep in mind that there is not much stretch on the waist. Keep this easy as per your ability. While holding yoga, breathe slowly and leave. When you are in a state of first place, leaving the deep breathing to the initial state.
  • Pashchimottaanaasan : First you sit on the ground. Now you stretch the legs together. Leave the back muscles loose. Take your hands up while breathing. Then bend forward and bend forward. Try that you hold the fingers of your hands and close the nose to the knee. Breathe slowly, then leave slowly and then hold this exercise according to your own.
  • Sarvaangaasan : First lie down on your back. Gradually raise your legs up to 90 degrees. Then slowly try to bring the head towards your feet and keep your chin tied to the chest. Try to keep this posture for 30 seconds or more and then gradually return to the old position/Posture.
  • Eat jaggery : There are many healthy elements inside the jag called natural sweet, which are very essential for physical development.
  • Eat protein rich foods : Proteins are also very essential for the development of the body. For its supply, add more protein-rich foods like sprouted cereals, nuts, pulses, milk, curd and cheese to your diet
  • Stay away from wrong Addictions : Keeping yourself away, from all sorts of addictions, like Alcohol, drugs, and smoking is a good thing. Hence it is advised, that you stay away from them. Also, do not use capsules of artificial hormone enhancing the length. It has a bad effect on the body and its immune system, which can stop physical development.

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