Remedies for Planet Moon

Remedies Of Moon Planet

Remedies for planet Moon (chandra)

In Vedic astrology, the moon planet is the cause of mind, mother and beauty. There are many solutions related to the planet moon. Among them there are the fasting of Monday, Chandra Yantra, Chandra Mantra, donation of the object related to the moon planet, the root of the Kharani and the wearing of two faced Rudraksha. In the horoscope of the native, the moon brings happiness, happiness, mother's health and good life partner. At the same time, due to the inauspicious effect of the Moon, mental disorder, wandering of the mind, trouble to mother etc... If the moon is afflicted from a malefic planet in the horoscope, then the remedies related to the moon planet must be done. By doing these remedies, auspicious results are obtained. In Vedic astrology, eclipsing and holding of moon related textiles and products, etc. are also important solutions to the Moon planet.

The Remedies of Moon associated with Daily lives and dressing style :
  • Wear clothes white in color
  • Worship Lord Shiva
  • Do the puja of Lord Krishna
  • Chant Shiv Chalisa or Durga Chalisa
  • Donation of objects related to the moon planet should be done on Monday
  • On a Moonlight: By holding the root of the Kharani, you can get auspicious results from the moon planet. On this Monday, the roots should be held in the constellations of the Hora of the Moon
Moon mantra :

To get the grace of the moon planet you need to chant the Moon Seed Mantra. Mantra Moon mantra. "Om Shram Shrim Shroom Sah Chandramasey namah".

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