Remedies for Planet Mars

Remedies Related To Mangal

Mars is considered to be significator of courage and valour. Several tips have been given for the peace of Mars. Among them, the fast of Tuesday, the worship of Hanuman ji is the main. In the horoscope, the auspiciousness of Mars gives physical and mental strength. There are meat, blood and bone-causing diseases due to the ill effects of Mars. If Mars is giving inauspicious results then measures related to Mars should be practiced. By doing the remedies , auspicious fruits are obtained from Mars and the ominous effects are removed.

The Remedies of Mars associated with Daily lives and dressing style :
  • Wearing of red or copper colored clothes is advised, for making Mangal happy
  • Respect your motherland and soldiers, show your patriotic side
  • Keep a cordial relation with your sibling, friends and in- laws
  • Do not give or lend money on a Tuesday
Remedies done specially in the morning to get the maximum benefits :
  • Worship Lord Hanuman
  • Do the puja of Narsingh Bhagwan
  • You can also pray to lord Karthikeya
  • Recite the Sundar Kand
  • It is prescribed to do fast on Tuesday to impress Lord Mangal
  • Do charity to impress Mars or Mangal
  • You can donate: red lentils, mounds, ennel, moongs, wheat, red kaner flowers, copper utensils and jaggery etc
  • Use the Mangal Yantra to reap the maximum benefits
  • The Rudraksha that can be worn for the Mars blessings are: 6 mukhi Rudraksha and 11 Mukhi Rudraksha
Mantra for Mangal :

|| Om Kram Krim Kroom Sahi Bhaomaey Namah ||

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