Remedies for Planet Jupiter

Jupiter Planet Remedies

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter has been called Dev Guru. The guru is considered to be the significator of religion, philosophy, knowledge and childhood. There are many remedies related to Jupiter, which when done on auspicious time gives favorable results. When Jupiter is favorable in the horoscope, religion, philosophy and children are attained. The guru is believed to be the factor of the sky element in Vedic astrology. Its quality is indicative of vastness, development in the horoscope of the person which thereby helps in the extension of life. The inauspicious effect of the planet Jupiter cause obstruction in childbirth, stomach related illness, obesity etc. If you are suffering from the ill effects of Jupiter, then take these steps for the improvement of the effects of planet Jupiter. By doing these tasks, auspicious results will be achieved and the ominous effects will be removed.

The Remedies of Jupiter associated with Daily lives and dressing style :
  • Wear clothes of cream, yellow and off- white colours
  • Respect your teacher Brahmin and elders, in case of a women respect your husband
  • Please maintain a cordial relation with children and elder siblings
  • Please don't lie and please distribute your knowledge and wisdom to others
  • It is advised that chant the name of Lord Shiva. Worship Vaman dev; also recite Shiv Sahastranam Strota, read Bhagvat Purana
  • For getting the blessings of the Lord Jupiter fast on Thursday
  • Donation of items related to Jupiter Planet should be done on the day of Thursday in Hora of Jupiter and in the constellations of Guru (Vishakha, East Bhadrapad) in the evening. The items to be donated include saffron color, turmeric, gold, gram dal, yellow cloth, raw salt, pure ghee, yellow flowers, topaz and book etc
  • Jupiter Yantra: To gain the benefit of Jupiter Planet, put the master yantra on Thursday during the Jupiter's Hora

The Jupiter Mantra :

|| Om Gram Grim Groom Sah Guruvey Namah ||

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