Remedies for Planet Venus

Venus Planet Remedies

In Vedic astrology, Venus is called a benefic planet. Venus effects love, life partner, worldly splendour, reproduction and erotic thoughts. Several remedies have been given for the peace of Venus. Those people, whose horoscope is in high spirits in the horoscope, enjoy the physical resources in life. At the same time, the weakness of Venus in the horoscope starts causing financial hardships, problems from female side, diabetes and worldly pleasures. In Astrology, donations, worship and gems are suggested for blessings of Lord Venus. These measures related to Venus include the law of fasting on Friday; doing Paath of Durgasaptashati donating rice and white garments etc all impresses the lord Venus. If Venus's position is weak in your horoscope, then be sure to take these measures. By doing these remedies, auspicious results from Venus will be realized and the ominous effects will be removed.

The Remedies of Jupiter associated with Daily lives and dressing style :
  • It is advised that make use of pink and shining white colors in your wardrobe
  • Love your wife and Respect other women in life
  • Develop artistic fervour, become a person full of good character
  • Fast for Venus on a Friday; donate curd, kheer, rice, colourful clothes silver etc.
  • Items related to Venus must be donated during the Hora of Venus and its constellations (Bharni, East Phalguni, and East Madhya) on Friday
  • Make use of the Venus Yantra
  • To obtain the blessing of Venus, cast root or Sarpancha root hold. Arand's original / Sarpanchha origin can be held on Friday on the horoscope of Venus or in the constellation of Venus

Venus Mantra :


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