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I consulted when I kept falling again and again. I got really scared that it might not be a big disease then it occur to me I should go to astrologer and I asked them. They told me it is nothing but just imaginary. After getting tests done, nothing came out.

By Taru Maheshwari, housewife, Jaipur

My son had a medical issue since his child birth and then I consulted about his improvement in his health. Their precise predictions and its utter trueness has left me in shock..

By Kulijan, Journalist, Assam

My father was suffering from heart disease and I availed the service of asking a question from to know when he will be fine. My Dad started to show improvement from the date they mentioned

By Shanky Vats, Engineer, Meerut

My husband is a doctor and he does not believe in astrology when it comes to health. My mother was ill for a long time now and my husband kept treating her but her condition seemed to be stagnant, it is then I consulted for help and their prediction came out to be true.

By Sangeeta Gaily, housewife, Melbourne

Hi frnds, my case is almost like yours. Even after going to so many pundits, my problems were not ready to go and my doctor seemed to be doing no good to me. I then asked if should change my doctor to which they said yes and I started doing better the day I changed my doctor

By Arshdeep Lamba, MBA, Chandigarh

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