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Karma is the sum total of one's physical, mental and spiritual functions. The world goes on because there is a role of free will assigned to human beings. Where does then astrology fit in, deal as it does with predestination? Is there a conflict between belief in astrology and in free will? How can scriptures lay emphasis on both if they are mutually conflicting?

Astrology is based on the relationship of cause and effect. If there is an effect, there must be a cause preceding it. Thus, if an event good or bad happens today, there must be a cause for it, whether or not that cause is appreciable. Certain functions or Karmas produce an immediate result. Still others obtain fruition after a longer time period. Still others may take several years or decades (or even longer) to materialize. If one believes in the law of cause and effect, then the ambience of one's birth and the subsequent opportunities or their lack cannot be a matter of mere chance. This takes us to a belief in birth and rebirth. Karmas done in one birth must manifest sometime in a later birth.

The past karmas produce limitations for us because they yield certain results, which influence our future karmas. We do have a free will, but within the limitations prescribed by the results of our past actions. Karmas in fact manufacture destiny.

An astrologer can point out which of the results from the past karmas can be overcome, and which cannot be overcome and, therefore, have to be suffered. A karma done is like a missile fired; it may or may not be neutralized by a counter-missile, depending upon the relative strength of the two.Read More about Astrology and Karma

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