Gun Milan (Horoscope Matching)

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Eight factors 'Kuta' are to be considered in order to judge the stability for a proposed marital alliance. In Gun Milan, the Nakshatra is considered of both boy and girl.

Surprisingly, the entire subject of Gun Milan hinges on the position of Moon in the horoscope and not on birth Horoscope.

Our Nakshatra remains for 24 hours. Do all people born in these 24 hours have similar characteristics whereas the fact is twins are different.

Marriage is one of the most important event of the life. Horoscope matching desires to consider all important events of lives of both boy and girl.
  • Longevity
  • Education
  • Mental Faculty
  • Child Birth
  • Separative Tendencies
  • Health

From research, it is seen that after having above 24 points in horoscope matching, a divorce, bickering, tensions, confusions and arguments occurs in marital life of couples while on other side, many couples who have less than 18 points in horoscope matching are living happily without any sort of problem in marital life.

For matching of horoscope the matching points written above should be considered and 'Gun Milan' does not have right approach over these points, therefore the method of Gun Milan is not appropriate method of Horoscope Matching during the marriage of boy and girl.

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