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Planetary Gods Wallpaper

Remedial wallpapers of Gods on your mobile phones allow you to have their darshan as the first thing in the morning. This helps in starting your day on a very positive note with new confidence and zeal. 

The remedial wallpapers of the planetary Lords are helpful in safeguarding oneself from the malefic effects of these planets and enhance their positivity in your life. Many of the planetary Gods like Rahu, Ketu, Shani etc. are considered as planets those bring with them negativity, troubles and illness. They also bring losses, and confusions in life. The person under their influence remains undecided, unsuccessful and wander around aimlessly. People are normally scared of the influence of these planets on their life and always wish to be away from their malefic effects.

Having the remedial wallpaper of these planets on one’s electronic gadgets is very helpful in getting rid of the negative effects of and changing them into positive and constructive effects. These wallpapers act like synergised yantras of the deities. These wallpapers are handy and a person can have Darshan any time when in distress. 

Watching these remedial wallpapers as the first thing in the morning will remove the fears, illusions, and misunderstandings of the person.

** Planets like Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Moon etc are mostly attached with the emotions and feelings of the native, their Darshan in the morning makes the day pleasant and it alleviates the mood even at the times of stress and anxiety. 

** Wallpaper of Lord Ketu makes a person strong enough to get rid of their addictions and other bad habits.

** The remedial wallpaper of Lord Rahu is a must on the mobile phone of the people who are suffering from any kind of disease or suffering from the results of any black magic.

** Similarly, wallpaper of Lord Venus will provide happiness, beauty and success.

** Wallpapers of Lord Mercury enhances wisdom and managerial skills.

** Wallpapers of Lord Jupiter or Guru helps in gaining knowledge and education.

** People who are mentally and emotionally weak should install the wallpaper of Lord Mars, they become emotionally strong and start thinking rationally. 

The first Darshan of these Planetary Lords in the morning will bring luxury, prosperity, success, and wisdom to the person. It also brings strong intuitive powers, removes depression and anxiety and makes a person healthy and focused. 

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