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All About Taurus Sun Sign

Second in the zodiac wheel, Taurus, is all about possessions and rewards. They adore sensual pleasures and like to be surrounded by comforting beautiful things. They are artistic with a fine taste in everything. This is evident from all the Taurus zodiac sign celebrities you’d find which mostly flock in the entertainment industry, such asJessica AlbaMadhuri Dixit NeneGeorge Clooney, and David Beckham. The symbol or mascot for Taurians is the Bull which symbolizes their headstrong personality

Taurus is a fixed sign and so they expect things to run stable and smooth. They have an inherent tendency, almost a need, to make things go steady. And that persistence gives a perception of Taurus born as stubborn, when actually they are aiming for practicality and reliability. In fact, these Bulls are the most dependable members of the zodiac. They always get things done and once their task is done, they like to relax for long.

This zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, who makes these Bulls fond of everything pretty. They flock at museums and art galleries and also adore a cozy stay at home.

Taurians have great value for peace and harmony in personal life and hence, they always strive to keep their family happy and blissful. They are sentimental beings with a tendency to go into the depths of possessiveness and jealousy. If things are not too bad, you’ll never see this side of them and find them romantic and loyal in relationships. The physical features of Taurus born are attractive and appealing. They boast a strong and well-built physique.

Taurus women have a sensuous feel to the way they talk and walk. In fact, Taurus people are considered the most attractive folks out of the zodiac signs. The Bulls are frequently testing their body strength on the field, and are fond of demanding adventure sports like mountain climbing, hiking, river rafting, etc. they love nature and like to stay close to it. No wonder the color for Taurus is the soothing green.

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