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Dear Mr. XYZ.

Thank you very much for giving this opportunity to analyze your horoscope for the insights into all the happenings related to your marriage with the period of its happening , the ups and downs in martial relations, children etc. The horoscope and the other related divisional charts have been prepared on the basis of the birth details provided by you. We are providing you the complete marriage predictions based on the Vedic system of astrology. What we have given here are guidelines on which you can choose to act upon, and will have to put your efforts in order to get benefit from our guidelines.  We have tried our level best to be as precise as possible. Your Ascendant sign is Gemini, Moon Sign is Aries, and sun sign is Aquarius according to the Vedic Astrology.

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Your Vital Planetary Positions 

Your Ascendant is Gemini and Moon sign is Aries. Your Nakshatra is Fourth Phase of Bharani Nakshatra.

Influence of planets in general and their effects on your Marriage.

Sun (Sun is the primary significator of Head of the family, your inner self and future)

Master of the 3rd house, Sun in the ascendant in Gemini in the 1st house, its aspected 7th house indicates opposition from in-laws and disputes with them. You will be energetic in your deeds. You work with strength and influence in the house of your spouse. You will be courageous. You are energetic, strong and enthusiastic. You may suffer from some diseases during your old age. You will dominate your enemies. You will have more mental tensions due to relationships. You are short tempered. You are very powerful during the age of 35 to 55. Sun indicates you are witty, spirited and lively. You express yourself clearly and speak to the point. You are active and love to travel. You easily get worried and irritated which may reflect on your work and health. You are susceptible to flattery and can be misguided.  

Moon (It reflects your emotions and thinking)

Master of the 2nd house, Moon in the 11th house indicates that you will be famous, fortunate and competent worker. You will always lay a lot of emphasis on wealth. You are very ambitious. You will gain a lot due to your own efforts after the age of 35.  You will have some good friends, live in a normal house and will gain more benefits during your middle age. You will become prosperous. You will have some difficulty in having birth of son in family. You are easily pleased. You are fond of physical pleasures. You are a moderate eater and may have deformed nails. You get fits of anger. You are of an uncertain disposition. You possess self-respect and valor. There is a chance of improvement and good results may be expected if you carry on business with persons having "Moon" in cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries or Pisces.     


Mercury (The Planet for communication skills  and social well being )


Master of the ascendant and 4th house, Mercury in the ascendant in 1st house in Gemini indicates you will be strong, active, travel to other country and will be affectionate to your parents. You bring good name to your family. You must give a lot of importance to physical fitness so that you will not have to face much health troubles in your old age. You enjoy club life. Your speech is interesting. Mercury also gives you a sharp wit. You do honorable acts. You are God fearing, sweet spoken and wise but sometimes, you couldn’t able to control your aggression and may get involved in arguments with relatives or colleagues. You are interested in Shastras, a good orator, are wise and moral.

Venus (It controls your love and affection)

Master of the 5th and 12th house, Venus in the 12th house (its own house) and in Taurus indicates that you are wise and clever. Sometimes you are cautious in spending your money. You are fond of good food but are a moderate eater. Sometimes, you will spend money for corrupt people. You may get unhappiness from children. You will be always eager for traveling to foreign countries. You will face hindrances and obstacles in getting married with a good match. You will have lot of worries. You love to enjoy physical pleasures. You are fond of beautiful things. You like luxurious life and a bit lazy. You are attracted to the opposite sex. You will defeat your enemies by your tactful deeds but remain tense and disturbed due to them. You may destroy your honor due to your own deeds. You will have two or many sources of earning money after the age of 35. There will be loss of relations. You will have sinful tendencies. You have knowledge of arts and the sacred books.

Mars (The energy source and power)

Master of the 6th and 11th house Mars in the 12th house indicates you enjoy good food, have ill-health during old age, are proud, worried and anxious and will feel worry and weakness in the house of spouse. You get the means to gain through hard labor by the connection with foreign places get your work done in the house of rivals through the occult powers of influence and courage and may get weakness in house of in-laws. You may get some restlessness in the house of spouse and the union of support and obstacles in daily occupation. You may also have chances for getting some physical disorder.  There will be secret enemies and danger of having some injuries by vehicles or robbers. You will have ear complaints. Mars causes eye diseases, bad acts, loss of spouse and mean tendencies. There will be loss of wealth, grief and obstruction in undertakings. You travel much. Sometimes, you are quarrelsome, jealous and unhappy.            

Jupiter (Giver of Success and children )

Master of the 7th and 10th house Jupiter in 2nd house in Cancer: indicates gains from the house of spouse, eagerness for happiness, wealth and influence. Sometimes you might feel deficiency in spouse. You will be religious, will earn from society and will enjoy favors from other places. You are orthodox and wise. You enjoy good food and have association with royalty. You get respect and honor. You are eloquent, intelligent and handsome. You are famous, respected, religious, rich and have a true interest in yoga. You are able to fulfill your duties and create wonders in your deeds.

Saturn (Your responsibilities and your duties)

Master of 8th and 9th house, Saturn in 3rd house indicates you will feel some deficiency and weakness in the happiness from co-born, spouse and in-laws. You are very helpful to your relatives even though you face opposition from them. You will have ill-health and may have some deficiency in your body. Your mind is wavering. You will have some deficiency in the happiness of your children. You may be lucky in foreign countries. You are self made and courageous. You are laborious. Your activities are praised in foreign countries. Your father will have bad health. You will have unhappiness and it will cause you quarrels and disputes with relatives and neighbors. You may have trouble from dog bites. You will win over enemies only by your intellectual and tactful deeds. You will take interest in charitable institutions. You are wise. You will attend big meetings. You are diplomatic.  

Rahu and its effects


Rahu in 3rd house indicates you are active and daring. There will be disputes and quarrels with spouse and neighbors. You are peevish. You are laborious. You may be irregular in your meals. There may be ill-health or death of spouse. You will acquire position and honors after the age of 35. You will progress by your daring deeds and earn wealth. You will enjoy physical pleasures. You feel some hindrances and obstacles in living happily with your spouse. You may suffer from ear troubles. You travel to distant places and acquire gains.  

Ketu and its effects

Ketu in the 9th house indicates that you will be henpecked by your spouse. You will travel to many places. You feel some deficiency in the happiness of spouse and friends. You enjoy honors and fame in society and foreign countries. You give much importance to self-respect. You are strong and of a some what peculiar nature.


Dear Mr. XYZ, 

At the time of your birth the Sagittarius rasi is rising in the seventh house of your horoscope. The ruling planet of this rasi is Jupiter. Jupiter being the lord of seventh house is situated in the Second house of your horoscope due to which it is producing its medium results. Due to the position of Jupiter, your spouse, along with having an impressive and personality, shall be intelligent and of little sharp nature. The physical attributes of your spouse will be good built, attractive and will have a habit of doing all jobs independently. If you get involved or have an attraction for any girl, you will face few obstacles in converting your love/liking into marriage. These obstacles may be due to planetary placement and combinations in your horoscope. There are chances that your love affairs may break due to some reasons. The chances of converting an affair into marriage in your chart are less and have very less possibility during the period from October 2006 till December 2006. To enhance the chances of getting married early with a girl of your choice, it is very necessary to perform Swambar Parvati Homam, Uma Maheshwari Homam, Navagraha Homam and Nakshatra Puja.

According to your horoscope, the presence of duality in seventh house, there are chances for you to come in contact with more than one girl in your life. There is possibility that you may not able to convert few proposals or your infatuations into marriage. Even after getting married, there will be possibility that your marriage will break and both of you may have to live separate from each other. The presence of Mars with Venus and aspect of Saturn on Venus (Significator of Marriage) there may be little confusion in your love/married life. Sometimes, you may feel that your partner is not showing much interest in you. There may be some difficulty in matching both of your views. The aspect of Rahu on seventh house is also indicating differences, arguments, separation and unnecessary obstacles in love/married life. It will be good if you keep control over yourself. It will be better for you to listen the views of your spouse too and not to put pressure on her of any kind.

After checking your horoscope I have come to the following conclusions:

Sometimes, you may become confused and not able to take important decisions of life. Sometimes, you become quite rude and spoil your relations with others. This kind of nature may create disturbances and bickering in your love/married life. It is advisable to keep your mind cool and maintain harmony.  

Period (Dasha) wise analysis

Till December 12, 2006 Main period of Mars

You are running with the dasha-bhukti of Mars-Moon till 12th of December 2006 and have very light possibility for getting married during the months from October 2006 till December 2006. If you have any girl in your mind or already decided to get married with her, it is best for you not to delay this period as if you missed this dasha period, you may have to wait for a longer period to get married with a good person. There will be chances that you will get married with a girl who may belong to other city/country or caste. As, most of the planets are weak for marriage and showing unnecessary delay in marriage, it would be best to utilize this period and perform complete ceremony of marriage during this year. To increase the chances for getting married, you have to perform Swambar Parvati Homam, Uma Maheshwari Homam, Navagraha Homam and Nakshatra Puja for you. If you perform these remedies, your chances for getting married and living a long and committed happy married life with your love will increase.

From December 12, 2006 to December 12, 2024 Main period of Rahu

If you missed the above said period, you may have to face a long delay now to get married with a nice person. There is less possibility that any good proposal may come to you during the bhukti period of Rahu that will run from 12th of December 2006 to 24th of August 2009. As Rahu is not very much supporting planet for marriage and is going to disturb you continuously in your married life. The moderate chances for you to get married will be seen during the dasha-bhukti period of Mars-Jupiter, which will start from 24th of August 2009 till 18th of January 2012. During this period, you will also get chances to visit any tourist place for enjoyment with your spouse. There will be good harmony in between you and your wife during this bhukti period of Jupiter, which will end in 18th of January 2012. But after that during the bhukti period of Saturn that will run from 18th of January 2012 till 24th of November 2014, you will be going to face a lot of problems in your married life. Saturn itself is placed in enemy sign and controlling your valor and actions. You must keep a good control over your aggression and temper and try to keep a good harmony in relationships otherwise you will have to face few bad consequences. In every important decision, you need to discuss and share the things with your wife and must not neglect her.

If you and your spouse wish to become parent of a child, the period before January 2012 and the years 2014-2016 are seen well. There may be some delay in birth of a son or the health of your spouse may also not keep much good during pregnancy periods. It is advisable for you to marry after matching your chart in a proper way otherwise there is strong possibility of suffering in marital relationships.

You may remain in foreign country or far away from your birth town and have to do traveling related to your professional reasons. It will be good for you if you also give proper attention to your wife and give her emotional support along with financial aid. You need to be very careful in this period as any wrong action could be harmful for your love/marriage. Due to effect of Rahu, there may be few differences and hot arguments between both of you and may break your relationship. You will travel in this period for professional reasons on and off regularly. This period also give you chances to visit temples and other religious places with your family. Little bickering and tensions generally arise due to you, which could make atmosphere tense and worried. Certain arguments may be possible between you and your wife due to your ego problems. It will be better not to argue with your spouse on small topics. For improving your married life and in order to remove/dilute the malefic effects of the planetary combinations which are creating problems in your marital life we have suggested certain remedial measures which you need to get performed as soon as possible.

This period indicates sluggish health for you who will give you unnecessary tensions and repeated visits to your doctor. You are advised that you should not take unnecessary tension in this period as the same could give you tension and in turn make your health a cause for concern.

During the bad periods mentioned below, you may have to face few problems in your marital life. There are chances of having more arguments and even talks of getting separated come in picture. You both may not discuss all things with each other. You may have more mental tension as well as health problems due to which you will not able to enjoy your marital life. Instead of promoting your separative tendencies and aggression, it will be much better to keep your mind cool and maintain good harmony in the relationship with your wife. You must do meditation to remove mental pressure. During the above said period, you must perform certain suggested remedies, which helps you to remove all the obstacles in your path regarding marital life, progress, stability as well as your own health.  

From December 12, 2024 to December 12, 2040 Main period of Jupiter

This period may give you more raise related to your profession. In this period, you will get support from your wife and children. It is advisable for you not to become aggressive while dealing your spouse and children otherwise you will loose your image in their eyes. Though, you will be seen with respect of finances and wealth. Even your recognition is seen to grow in market but some disturbances will remain there in your married life. Hence, to minimize all such things in your life, you must divert yourself towards meditation, religious activities and do regular spiritual activities.

Regarding health, you may have to face problems related to stomach, obesity, sugar, diabetes, liver disorders, gall bladder, ear troubles and jaundice. At that time, your wife and family members support you. Hence, it will be good for you to remain loyal to your wife and try to keep purity in your marital relationship. It may be possible that during the end of this dasha period, your wife may trouble with few health problems.

From December 12, 2040 Main period of Saturn

This Dasha of Saturn is going to give you more health problems. This dasha could be called your autumn of your life. There are not going to any significant events then except your sluggish and poor health. This period will see you succumbing to your illness and going to your heavenly abode after serving your duties towards your children and enlightening yourself in your spiritual pursuits. 

After looking minutely at your chart I have come across some bad periods of your love life that will run during the period from 18h of September 2007 to 21st of February 2008, 19th of December 2009 to 07th of May 2010, 18th of January 2012 to 01st of July 2012, 02nd of February 2014 to 08th of July 2014, 27th of April 2016 to 14th of September 2016, 29th of July 2019 to 09th of January 2020, 11th of August 2022 to 01st of November 2022, 05th of October 2026 to 30th of January 2027, 18th of November 2030 to 22nd of March 2031, 08th of October 2033 to 04th of March 2034, 21st of June 2036 to 02nd of September 2036 and from 25th of March 2039 to 11th of August 2039. 

Manglik Considerations

Mars is situated in the 12th house of your horoscope, which shows that you are a Manglik. With the influence of Mars, you will undergo long journeys and gain profits from them. You may sometimes spend more than it is necessary. Physically you will have a good health but mentally you may undergo some tensions. The reason for this can also be due to your over ambitious nature. There are chances of your important work being delayed but you will be successful in facing the circumstances through your efforts and intelligence. There may be some delay in your marriage, but it will take place in a pleasant atmosphere. Your spouse will have a good health and you both will share a good relation. You will lead a happy married life.     

With the aspect of Mars on 3rd house of your horoscope, you will be hard working and courageous, but you may lack self-confidence due to which you may not be able to build up your courage during difficult times. Your efforts may sometimes be fruitless. There are less chances of receiving happiness or profits from brothers and sisters. The aspect of Mars on 6th house of your horoscope indicates that you may sometimes be troubled by problems of blood, acidity, pimples and swelling. The aspect of Mars on 7th house of your horoscope shows that you may sometimes have differences with your spouse, but this will not have any influence on your married life.              

To make your married life happier, you must marry only a Manglik person. By doing so, your Manglik effects will be cancelled. While matching the horoscopes, see to it that Rahu or Saturn is placed in any one house among the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in the horoscope of the person whom you marry. This way you can lead a happy and prosperous married life.                                     

Puja Remedies

Ganapathy Homam. It is an excellent Homam when you are facing obstacles and difficulties in your specific objective You can arrange for performing this Puja by a learned and well versed Purohit .This would give the desired results. 

Venus PujaVenus is significator for love/marriage and as such it is necessary to perform this Puja. You can arrange for performing this Puja by a learned and well versed Purohit .This would give the desired results. 

Swayamvara Paravathy Homam.  This is done to remove obstacles causing delay in marriage The eligible bride or groom is blessed with suitable spouse. You can arrange for performing this Puja by a learned and well versed Purohit. This would give the desired results. 

Incase you find any difficulty in arranging the puja or the homam please revert back to us and we will get it done on your behalf by a well versed and resulted oriented Purohit.  

If you want any clarification on the life report you can clarify with us any time.  

Best Regards 


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