12-Month Health astrology Report

12-Month Health astrology Report

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Health is one of the three major pillars of life. There is an old saying which infact hold true even now "Health is wealth". We all want better health for years to come and even a subtle downfall in it makes us worried and keeps us concerned till it is not back to normal.

Determine your health patterns through the 12-month Health Report and know which way your health will go in the next 12 months to come. Find out all about your health good or poor, disease or accident, surgery or alternative therapy etc. our astrologer's use of the Medical astrology a branch of Indian astrology helps to determine the emotional and intellectual predispositions preceding the disease of illness. In the 12-month Health Report our expert astrologer will provide detail of various diseases and health disorders which is of concern during the coming months.

Your questions like When will my health improve, Will I have to undergo a surgery, How can I improve my health, etc will be answered as per the analysis of charts.

This report would be prepared by deeply analyzing position of planets, their effects, effects on houses, the divisional chart, the dasha pattern, transit of planets etc.

Apart from the astrology predictions effective remedies would also be advised.

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This report will provide you
  • Your Natal Horoscope
  • Effects of the planets during the year.
  • Main effects of the dasha and the respective planets.
  • Next 12 Month dasha predictions on Health.
  • Periods to watch and control
  • Full next twelve months dasha planning for Health
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies

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