Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz - Gemstone

Rose quartz has been used for love ceremonies and rituals since ages. It is used as a healing agent for those who does not hope in their love relationships.

This stone is the member of quartz family and it is made up of silicon dioxide. It is soft pink in colour and has tiny inclusions of pink fibres with glass stone that does not make it totally transparent

It is better not to wear the gemstone just on the basis of your rashi or sun sign. Kindly opt our Gem Consultancy Report (worth Rs. 700/- only) in order to know if gemstone Rose Quartz is going to suit you.

Gem Stone - Rose Quartz

Healing properties of Rose Quartz :

As Rose quartz is the stone for love, it works for those who do not have love in their life. The rose quartz stone means of unconditional love. This helps you in giving you the way to enter love in your life. It helps you in forgiving, understanding and sees the perspective of others on a positive side, which helps in reducing the misunderstanding and fights.

It helps in deepen your connection with your partner and giving you more wisdom in understanding the situations. It also helps you to know that you too need forgiveness and understanding. This gemstone is associated with the element of water, so as a healing agent it helps to wash out the toxic energies that are trapped inside your mind and soul.

The negativity in your thoughts will flow out as positive thought of unconditional love and concern. This crystal is associated with heart chakra. This crystal has a healing property of restoring trust in your relationships

Go for a Gem Consultancy Report to check if gemstone Rose Quartz is really going to suit you.

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