Brown Hessonite or Gomedha

Brown Hessonite or Gomedha - Gemstone for Planet Rahu

Precious gemstone Hessonite Garnet associated to planet Dragon's Head, Hessonite Garnet is a precious stone and recommended to remove the ill effects of Planet Dragon's Head (Rahu). Planet Rahu indicates the false arguments, bonding, restlessness, wondering speech, conspiracy, black magic, tantra, smoking habits, dreams, wicked thoughts, swelling in the body, empires, states, philosophy.

It is better not to wear the gemstone just on the basis of your rashi or sun sign. Kindly opt our Gem Consultancy Report (worth Rs. 700/- only) in order to know if gemstone Brown Hessonite or GOMEDH is going to suit you and give you wisdom, power, knowledge, high position, huge money, unlimited wealth and happiness in life. Read more on Brown Hessonite gemstone below the picture.

Gem Stone - Pearl

Precious stone Hessonite Garnet also known as Gomed. It is recommended to wear if native face any problem due to ill effects of Dragon's Head (Rahu) Planet.

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General Characterstics of Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) :
  • Planet:  Dragon's Head (Rahu)
  • Sign(Rashi):  Virgo (Kanya)
  • Color of the Brown Hessonite:  Brownish (Transparent Appearance)
  • Diseases Cured by Hessonite:   Poisonous diseases, non-diagnosable diseases, leprosy, black de-coloring eye disease, skin diseases, sleeplessness, abdominal and stomach related diseases, mental illness, itching, ulcer, blood diseases etc.

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