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Naming a baby according to the birth Nakshatra plays an important role in determining the character and personality. Get your name alphabet free at Askganesha, according to your birth Nakshatra.

Check Your Birth Alphabet as per Janm Nakshatra

Nakshatras are constellation or star. The nakshtra in which a child is born hold importance in vedic astrology. It is seen that the name if kept in harmony with the zodiac sign brings in luck and betterment. There are 27 known nakshatras in Indian astrology.

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It has been observed that a name by which a person is addressed holds an important role in the structuring of the personality and character and to some extent destiny too. This is why many concerned parents around consult an astrologer and get to know the nakshatra in which the child is born soon after birth. Choosing a name that starts with one of the syllables of the nakshtra will bring your baby good luck and success in life.

some people change name even in older age and even then selecting the right syllables does have a positive effect

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