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tulsidas jayanti

Tulsidas Jayanti

Tulsidas Jayanti is observed every year in the remembrance of Goswami Tulsidas. It is celebrated on the seventh day after in the Shravan month. Goswami Tulsidas was a great poet and religious person. He was a worshipper of Lord Rama.

He attained success through ram bhakti and also tried to bind everyone with the ideals of Lord Rama. He composed Ramcharitmanas in devotion of Lord Rama in Hindi on the basis of Valmiki Ramayana.

He is also the composer of Hanuman Chalisa which is a popular devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanumana. Lord Ram Maa Sita and Lord Hanuman combined puja is done on this day.

History of Life of Tulsidas

Tulsidas was born to Hulsi and Atmaran Dubey on the seventh day of shukla paksha, the bright half of the lunar Hindu calendar month Shraavana (July–August). There are around seven places that mentioned as his birthplace, the most of people say that he was born in Rajapur (Chitrakoot) a village on the banks of the river Yamuna. In the year 2012, Sukarkhet which is in district Gonda, Uttar Pradesh was declared officially by the government of Uttar Pradesh as birthplace of Tulsi Dasji.

Legend says that Tulsidas was born with all thirty two teeth in his mouth after staying in the womb for twelve months. He was as healthy as a five year boy and he did not cry at the time of his birth but uttered Rama instead

Tulsidas was a hapless child and has gone through various troubles and tolerance during his childhood days.

He was married to Ratnavali. He enormously loved his wife, and due to this one day he had to listen to unkind words spoken by his wife remarking, "that if Tulsidas was even half as devoted to God as he was to her body of flesh and blood, he would have been redeemed from his suffering". Tulsidas left her immediately and decided to devote his life in the worshipping of Lord Rama. He also gained wisdom from Guru Baba Narharidas.

He spent most the years of his life in Chitrakoot, Kashi and Ayodhya. He also composed various scriptures which include: Ramcharitmanas, Ktiwali, Janakimangal, Vinayapatrika, Geetawali, Hanuman Chalia, Barve Ramayana etc.

Compositions of Tulsidas

  • 1. Awadhi works – Ramcharitmanas, Ramlala Nahachhu, Barvai Ramayan, Parvati Mangal, Janaki Mangal and Ramagya Prashna.
  • 2. Braja works – Krishna Gitavali, Gitavali,sahitya ratna, Dohavali, Vairagya Sandipani and Vinaya Patrika.

Significance of Tulsidas Jayanti

  • Tulsidas ji was also known as Goswami Tulsidas. The famous poet was the composer of the Hindu epic Ramacharitamanas which was an account of the greatness of Lord Rama, the seventh Avatar OF Lord Vishnu.
  • The Ramacharitamanas is one of the most significant works of Hindu mythology..
  • Tulsidas was a divine follower of Lord Rama. His dedication and devotion for the Lord was unique. Some legends say that Tulsidas was the incarnation of Maharshi Valmiki.
  • Tulsidas was the composer epic poem Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Tulsidas Jayanti is a very special day, when devotees pay the tribute to Tulsidas and honour his great poetic works, literature work and teachings.
  • The worship of Lord Vishnu is considered to be very auspicious on this day.
  • This day is the lunar day of Shravan Shukla Paksha Saptami.

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