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lalita saptami

Lalita Saptami

Saptami is the seventh day of the month followed by eighth day known as Radhashtmi. Lalita Saptami is celebrated in the honour of Sri Lalita devi. Lalita saptami is the appearance day of Sri Lalita devi who was the favourite sakhi of Sri Radha devi. Lalita devi was one of the most devoted gopi towards Sri Radha along with Vishakha.

Lalita Saptami will be celebrated on Thursday, 8th of September 2016. At some places in India, it is a very auspicious day and holds a great importance. Lalita Saptami falls exactly a day before the holy appearance of sri Radharani (Radhashtmi). Lalita devi was the most beloved of Sri Radharani and Lord Krishna. She would sit beside them both and watch other gopis playing mischievously around Ras-lila. She used to have loving mood towards both Radha—Krishna but she was more inclined towards Radharani.

Lalita Devi took birth in a village known as Karehla and then her father brought her to Uccagaon. If someone look over the place, they can still find her remains up there like a rock containing imprints of her lotus feet. The place bears the imprints of the utensils used by her and her sakhis to feed Lord Krishna, when he used to come to play with them. At times in the sunlight, the imprints shine and glitter.

It is considered highly auspicious to worship Lalita Devi along with Lord Krishna on this day.

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