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kalki jayanti

Kalki Jayanti

Kalki Jayanti commemorates the expected arrival of Kalki, who is tenth manifestation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that in Kal Yuga which is the present Era, Lord Vishnu will appear for the total extinction of malevolence and for the creating of 'Dharma.' Devotees of Lord Vishnu believe that the event will take place on the sixth day in the bright fortnight of Shravan month. Lord Vishnu puja is done on this day and people observe fast too.

Significance of Kalki Jayanti

  • The Srimad Bhagavatam acknowledges the tenth incarnation Vishnu Avatar i.e., Kalki, who has not yet appeared on the Earth and due to appear at the end of the current Kali Yuga and the upcoming Satya Yuga.
  • It is also said that he would be taking birth in the village of Shambala, to a devoted Brahmin named Vishnuyasha. This event will happen 427,000 years from now as the Kali Yuga nears to an end.
  • The sacred writings also states that Kalki would appear on a magnificent white horse named Devadatta. He will be carrying a sword in his hand with which he would slay all the proud and disloyal kings on Earth.
  • Kalki would also symbolize the eight Supreme virtues of the Godhead and his most important principle would be the emancipation of a fickle world. This is for the reason that the Kaliyuga is the Dark Age where people ignore trust and belief and are carried by greed and worldly ambitions.
  • Therefore Kalki is the 10th Avatar of Vishnu that would restore Dharma or virtue on Earth.

Rituals of Kalki Jayanti

  • Observing fast on this day.
  • Reciting and chanting Vishnu Sahasranama, Narayana Mantra and other mantras 108 times.
  • Devotees perform pooja starting with the chanting of Beej mantra which is then followed by offering a seat to the Lord (asana).
  • After that, the Lord's idol is washed spiritually with water and panchamrit.
  • 108 recital of Lord Vishnu's name is observed with the offering of flowers, lamps and incense.
  • Devotees donating food to Brahmins as well as to the needy ones.

Making use of the day Kalki Jayanti

Be mentally prepared for the entire day. Being peaceful, calm and open should be there and receive as much Love and energies as possible from Lord Kalki. You can attach to Lord Kalki in the morning and be alert of Him and his vigour.

Making resolutions and assertions and pursue them with sincere efforts.

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