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Lord Nataraja is the symbolic representation of Lord Shiva dancing. The word 'Nataraj' means 'king of dance', wherein 'Nata' means 'dance' and 'Raja' means 'king'. Shiva's dance is called 'tandava' or 'nandata' depending upon the nature of his dance. The representation of Lord Nataraja varied from ages to ages. The scriptures show Lord Shiva dancing in one of the Natya Shastra poses. The classical form is depicted in Tamil Nadu's Chola bronze, typically 4 feet or above. Lord Nataraja is shown dancing in a classical way, holding his left leg over his right leg and thereby balancing his right foot standing on a lotus. He is surrounded by a ring of flames. He holds fire in one hand, while the front hand in gajahasta or dandhasta mudra. Another hand has a snake wrapped around it in a fearless manner. His head, ears, fingers, body, ankles, face and dress is shown decorated with jewels. Nataraja has special significance in Tamil Nadu.

Lord Nataraja symbolises the connection between religion and arts. It proves that Lord Shiva is the Lord of dance. While Shiva dances around the fire, he moves in a fearless manner ignoring all kinds of evil, ego and fears around him, it signifies spiritually unwavered by the materialistic elements. Nataraja is an amazing piece of art in Hindu Mythology and it has attracted many philosophers. It is a widely studied topic of Hindu art in the medieval era. Stone reliefs depicting Lord Natraja is found around the caves of India such as Ellora caves, Elephanta caves, and Badami caves around 6th century. The largest Nataraja statue is in Tamil Nadu.

Nataraja Puja

Lord Nataraja Puja is performed to gain blessings of Lord Shiva while trying to improve upon one's artistic abilities and creative instincts. This puja helps in promoting good professional life and bring success by removing the malefic effects of the planets. This puja is performed by a well versed Purohit.

Personalized Puja and Homam done only for you.

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INR 4100 / US $ 66

Mahurat Calculation will be done free by Astrologer

Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

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Nataraj is the form of dancing Lord Shiva. It is believed that Nataraj God blesses the artists. I teach dance to kids at my place and when I started the classes, nobody took admission. I performed the Natarja Puja and lord Nataraj blesses me immediately. I have got many students now and my work is going great.

By Ruchi Diwan, housewife, Raipur

My work life was greatly hampered, I then shown my horoscope to the astrologer of Askganesha website and they told me that planets are not in my favour. Upon their consultation, I ordered Lord Nataraj puja to be done on my behalf. I am very satisfied now. The puja has benefited me immensely.

By Nikhil Chabbra, CRM professional, Bangalore

Same thing happened with me, my career was going no where and my job was in clouds of doubts. I was asked to perform a pooja which is dedicated to Lord Nataraja, who is one of form of Shiva. I performed it and with his blessings, I got an amazing job in Finland. Thank you God for your blessings.

By Anoop Aggarwal, Market Analyst, Finland

Hi all, I have a business of making sculptures in Kanpur and when my business started to fall down, I took help of this great website, upon the recommendation of my brother. The website has helped him many times in the past. Because my business is related to the artistic line, the astrologer recommended me to do this puja. I ordered them to do the puja on my behalf as I m not well versed with the rituals and other formalities so they arranged the purohit for me and for other things as well. They sent me photos along with the puja Prasad. After the puja, my business has grown considerably and I have started to worship Lord Nataraj on a daily basis.

By Sahil Saboo, Businessman, Kanpur

We in the choreography line worship Lord Nataraj as he is the supreme deity for all of us. He is the one who takes care of our art and because of him the dancing art is so widely famous in the world. I was facing some problems in my career and then somebody close to my family told me that Natarja Puja can benefit me and my career. After I did the Puja, I have noticed considerable growth in my career. It is a very good pooja.

By Anvita Gupta, Choreographer, Goa

Nataraja Puja and Homam

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US $ 66 / INR 4100

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