Maa Ganga

River Ganga is the river with which the emotions and religious beliefs of people are associated. River Ganga flows throughout the nation and also though Bangladesh. For the worshippers, there is nothing more pure and divine than the water of River Ganga. In Hinduism, River Ganga is considered sacred and people often referred to as Goddess Ganga. People believe that taking bath in river Ganga can emancipate them from their sins and past deeds, it is supposed to bring them moksha or nirvana (freedom from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth). People pour the ashes of their dead relatives in the holy water of Ganga believing that the souls of the dead will be rest in peace. Worshippers call the holy water of Ganga as 'Gangajal' and often keep it in their home to purify their place. There are many sacred places lie along the banks of the river of Ganga namely Haridwar, Varanasi, Allahabad and Gangotri. Devotees visit the sacred places in millions every year to worship the holy water.

It is believed that River Ganga descended from the head of Lord Shiva when King Bhagirath requested Ganga to come down to earth and purify the souls of many.Ganga pooja holds a great amount of importance to the Hindus all over the world. Everyday millions of devotees gather at the banks of river Ganga to witness the Ganga Aarti. Taking a dip or bath in the holy water of Ganga is said to purify the soul of the worshipper. It is believed that worshipping River Ganga frees one from all kind of sins and turns the bad deeds in to Good ones and brings happiness in home. The Pooja is considered magical as it has the power to cure any kind of disease, ailments and mental illness.

Maa Ganga Puja

The Pooja can be performed with the help of an experienced Purohit. The native may or may not necessarily be present at the time of Pooja.

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We really believe in Ganga water and Ganga. So when my husband got really ill, and doctors seemed to be helpless in curing his skin disease, I got really worried and do not know what to do. I have always taken suggestions of Mr AbhishekDhawan who is the astrologer of He said that Ganga Puja will cure my husband of his disease. The website also arranged for everything that is required in the puja, like the raw material and the pundit etc. I just had to pay the nominal amount they charge, after the puja, my husband's condition improved and he got back to his old self.

By Pankhuri Aggarwal, Engineer, Bangalore

Though I never believed in all these things as I am a Doctor myself, but life teaches us all the lessons of life. I performed Ganga Puja for my mother who had always worshipped Ganga and considered Ganga water as the purest. She was pretty ill and our pundit told us that Ganga Puja will be beneficial for her. The Puja is actually effective as it was only after that, my mother got fine and could stand again.

By Anjum Jain, Paediatrician, Gurgaon

Just like the holy water of Ganga is said to bring moksha to a person, worshipping Ganga Goddess has its own benefits. I performed the puja because I wanted to get rid of negative influences around me. But I really felt a great happiness after the puja. not only the negative vibes surrounding me are lesser but also the burden that I was carrying with me of my past deeds also seem to have got lesser.

By RajuGovinda, Choreographer, Goa

My reason of doing the puja may sound weird to you but actually I was finding it difficult to concentrate on my meditation practices from some time. In a way it was hampering my mental peace and was affecting professional life as well. recommended me to do this puja to attain mental peace and purity of soul. Not only this, they also performed the puja on my behalf. Needless to say, the puja did what it promises.

By Namrata Saini, Insurance advisor, Austria

I am very impressed with this website named I have used its services for the first time and they proved the reason why people like this website so much and are always praising its credibility. After being disappointed by many astrologers, the astrologer of this website made me very happy and satisfied. Good work, keep it up!

By Anupam Tiwari, textile business, Baroda

Maa Ganga Puja