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Jagannath is the diety worshipped in the Indian states by Hindus and Buddhists. Jagannath is a combination of two words, Jagan meaning world and Nath meaning Lord. Thus Jagannath is the Lord of the Universe. Jagannath is worshipped in Orissa, West Benagl, chattisgarh,Jharkhand, Bihar, Gujarat, Assam, Manipur, and Tripura and hindus belonging to Bangladesh. Jagannath is known to be the incarnation or Lord Vishnu (the supreme God) or by some people, avatar of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is interesting to note here that Jagannath is never worshipped alone, he is worshipped along with his brother Balarama and his sister Subhadra.

The icon of Lord Jagannath has a dark complexion while his brother and sister are white and orange in complexion respectively. The trio is seated on a jewelled platform and are carved in a wooden stature having large, big eyes and with stumps as hands. The legs of the diety are not depicted in the icon. The rituals and worship procedures are very different from those of classical Hindu diety. Also Lord Jagannath is carved on wood whereas the other Hindu diety are made of metal of stone. The origin of Lord Jagannath lacks a clear vedic reference, the evolution has been subject to contradictory views and debate. The most famous temple of Lord Jagannath is established in Puri. This temple is included in the most important Hindu Pilgrimage places also known as Char Dham in India. This temple is known as the shriMandir to the devotees. As per the tradition, non Hindus are prohibited to enter the temple. There are many more Jagannath temples all over India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In the Baisakh temple of Bali, located in Indonesia, an ancient idol of Jagannath has been found. In Puri, Lord Jagannath is celebrated with a pomp in a festival known as RathYatra where the trio, Lord Jagannath along with his two deities, comes out of the Garbhagriha of the chief temple (BadaDeula) are transported to Gundichatemple, 3 kms away in three chariot drawn by the devotees.

Benefits of worshipping Lord Jagannath

It is believed that worshipping Lord Jagannath with a pure heart can fulfil all the wishes of the devotees and any kind of hurdle coming in the way of an important work can be easily removed. The Puja requires chanting of mantras by the devotees, which can also be performed by a Purohit.

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I performed Puja for Jagannath when one of my property case was stuck from a long time. I consulted for advice on what to do to get relieved. They suggested me to do this puja as it will be best for my horoscope. We performed the puja and I won the case in the next two hearings. It was nothing less than a magic for me. Good experience.

By Manmohan Mishra, property dealer, Mumbai

Hi all I am Neeraj, my review for the website and Lord jagannath Puja is very fair and good. I am very glad that I came across this website and found it very very genuine. They performed this puja on my behalf and its effects were more than I expected. All my problems are solved and I am living a very good life now.

By Neeraj Pandey, IT officer, Allahabad

I had also heard a lot about the blessings of Lord Jaggannath, his popularity is a lot among hindus. When my son got really sick, our muni told us that if we visit Jagganath puri and conduct an all-day puja for him then our son can recover faster. We did the same and after some days of the puja, my son really got well. My belief in God has taken a new form now.

By Atishay jain, textile shop, Surat

Lord Jagannath is more popular in south than in North. He is considered an avatar of Lord Krishna. We really believe in him and he is the supreme God. Lord Jagannath temple in Puri is very famous and it is believed that Lord Jagannath blesses everyone who prays to him with a pure heart and intentions. I have conducted his puja many times and he has blessed me.

By Naveen Jindal, cold storage, Kerala

I was doing a professional course and after many attempts, I was not able to clear the exam. So I consulted who suggested me to perform Lord Jagannath Puja. I ordered website to perform this puja on my behalf. After the puja, I got a lot of confidence in me also cracked the exam. Needless to say that Puja is super effective and the God blesses everyone who prays for his wishes to get completed.

By Kamran Singh, CA, Maharashtra

Jagannath Puja

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