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Bhoomi Devi

Bhoomi Devi

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Bhoomi devi also known as Bhu devi is the Goddess Mother Earth. Bhoomidevi is a combination of two words namely 'bhoomi' and 'devi'. Bhoomi refers to earth and devi refers to Goddess in english, thus Bhoomi Devi is Earth Goddess. Bhoomi devi is the consort of God Varaha, who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Bhudevi and other earth related Goddess who represents or personifies Earth are often accompanied by the incarnations of Lord Vishnu as their consort. She is also said to be the wife of Lord Krishna (Lord Krishna being the avatar of Lord Vishnu). Bhumi devi is also known to be the mother of Goddess Sita, as Sita was found in the ploughed field by Raja Janak of Mithila. Also when Sita decides to leave her husband Lord Rama to get rid of the cruel world, she returns back to the womb of Earth and Goddess earth appears to take Sita along with her. There are similarities between Sita and Bhoomidevi as both were found in the ploughed field. Bhoomi devi is also known as Prithvi, Dharti, Dhaathri, Dharani, Vasudha, Vasundhra and Hiranmaya all of which means 'the one who holds everything'.

Devi Bhoomi is depicted as a beautiful shapely Goddess adorned with a lot of jewellery. She sits on a lotus, wearing a heavy crown and many jewellery around her neck, hands and feet. She sits there calmly with a smile on her face. Bhoomi Devi along with God Varaha gave birth to a demon Narakasura who secured a boon from Lord Vishnu that none other than his mother could ever kill him. Taking advantage of the situation, he began tormenting people and his tyrant rule continued for years until Lord Krishna took birth being an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna married Satyabhama, who is considered an avatar of Bhoomidevi. When Satyabhama heard of Narakasura bad acts, she was aggravated and she killed Narakasura along with her husband Lord Krishna.

Bhoomi Devi Puja

Bhumi devi is worshipped when a new plot or a place is bought in order to inaugurate the place on an auspicious note. By performing Bhoomi Pooja, one attains the blessings of the Goddess and is freed by the evil powers that may be surrounding the existing or newly acquired building or home.

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INR 6500 / US $ 104

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Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

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We performed the Bhumi devi Puja when we bought the new home. My parents were very apprehensive about buying the new house as whenever we bought a new home, something wrong happened but this time they decided to perform Bhumi devi Puja in advance so that nothing goes wrong this time. And with the Goddess Bhumidevi blessings, the new home really favoured our condition.

By ApoorvaBalantrapu, student, Singapore

I bought a new property and wanted to inaugurate it with the best possible manner but a hawan was not enough to me so I decided to do Bhoomidevi Puja in order to get it free from all evil influences. The puja went on pretty well as I did it through who did it on my behalf with the good purohit and they also showed me all kinds of proofs.

By SumitSikka, businessman, Noida

I always trust whenever it comes to pujas and homams, the website is amazing and knows all the solutions to any problems. When I started my business, I wanted to start it on a good note. I performed Bhumidevi Puja on recommendation of's Astrologer. With her blessings, my business is going pretty well.

By Diksha Bhatia, boutique owner, Punjab

I had a fairly good experience with this puja. Me and my family was going thru a lot of trouble eversince we shifted to a new place. We performed shanti hawan also but things were just the same, in fact we were getting worse with time. It was not until we performed Devi Bhoomi devi Puja that things got a little better and along with that, our relationships also improved. It is good as far as my experience goes. There is no harm in trying it.

By Dhara Thakkar, Lawyer, Jaipur

I agree with Dhara, in fact my experience has been more than good, it has been amazing. Given that I was facing some issues with my shop, I was recommended to perform Bhumidevi puja and I did not waste any time and did it immediately with the help of a pundit. recommended me to do this puja as per my horoscope. it was not like any other pundit recommendation and the puja really worked for me and my business. Looking forward to get hold of such expert recommendation in life.

By SuminaGhai, jewellery designer, Bangalore

Bhoomi Devi Puja

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US $ 104 / INR 6500

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