Ardhanarishwara is one of the 64 embodiments of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva fusion. Ardhanarishwara is a combination of three words namely 'Ardha' meaning half, 'nari' meaning female/woman and 'ishwara' meaning God. Thus Ardhanarishwara literally translates to 'the God who is half female.

Lord Shiva is the absolute and the supreme God who is responsible for destruction and regeneration of everything that comes in to existence with the universe. When the ultimate man, Lord Shiva infused with Goddess Parvati, a new God came to light and came to be known as 'Ardhanarishwara'. Ardhanarishwara is depicted as fusion of half male and half female forms, split down from the centre. The right side depicts Lord Shiva and the left side shows Goddess Parvati, his consort. The Lord is portrayed as Lord Shiva on the right side who has a blue complexion, wearing tiger skin, sitting on Lord Nandi. The Lord holds Damru and Trishula in his upper hand and another hand hold out to bless the devotees. The left side has Goddess Parvati who is wearing saree and jewellery, a crown on her forehead. She holds a lotus flower in her upper hand and another hand stays downward, she rides the Lion.

There are several legends associated with the origin of 'Ardhanarishwara'. One of which can be traced back to the era of Mahabharata. One of the legends says that Goddess Parvati when married Lord Shiva insisting on knowing what all Lord Shiva went through to be the supreme God. Lord Shiva asked her to sit on his lap and she gave her consent without any hesitation. Thus 'Ardhanarishwara' was formed combing the two greatest powers, Lord Shiva and the Shakti herself, Goddess Parvati.

Another story states that Demon Andhaka was in awe of Goddess Parvati and wanted to marry her, to rescue Parvati, Lord Vishnu brought Parvati to his heavenly abode but the demon refused to let go. Thus Goddess Parvati showed her Ardhanarishwara form to the demon and he lost interest in the Goddess.

Ardhanarishwara Puja

Ardhanarishwara Puja is performed for the divine blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, for spiritual upliftment and fulfilment of wishes, to burn all the past sins and bad karmas and to bring harmony between spouse. This Puja includes chanting of mantras for several days by a well versed Purohit and it can be performed on someone's behalf as well. Personalized Puja and Homam done only for you.

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Very good puja and effective as well. My problem was in my married life and to struggle through that situation, we were advised to do Ardhanarishwara Puja. After completing the puja, both of us, me and my wife felt the noticeable difference in our relationship and compatibility.

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I agree with the above you. This puja is basically to improve the relationship between the couples. I ordered this puja through and it proved to be really effective for our relationship as in my spouse tries to listen and understand my problems and I feel the same for him as well.

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I was told to do the puja for the same reason by many pundits but I was finding it difficult to do it myself and then I found to do it on our behalf. They arranged for all the raw material and the pundit and did the puja, they sent me the photos and the bhabhuti out of the puja.

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I got to know about this website on a very crucial note. My married life was falling apart and even after a lot of fighting, the marriage was heading towards destruction. The astrologer of this website recommended me to do Ardhanarishwar puja so that the love can be renewed between us. We did it and it magically saved our marriage.

By Saurabh Tangri, Investment Banker, Delhi

People may fight on whether God exists or not but I firmly believe in the existing of God. I believe that good things happen to those who thank and worship God for the betterment of life. Nothing is impossible for those who devote themselves to the God.

By Akshay Tondon, Make-up artist, Mumbai

Ardhanarishwara Puja and Homam