Who will win world cup 2015 - Predictions

05 February, 2015

Who will win world cup 2015 - Predictions

Cricket's biggest competition is the World Cup of Cricket which is a 50 overs match and held in every 4th year. This year in 2015 world cup will be hosting by Australia- New Zealand. India who is the currently the champion will have to defend for its title. Though now a days T-20 format has taken new place as compared to 50 overs match. But the kind of bouncy pitch Australia has and the short boundaries New Zealand has any of the 8 top teams can win the cup. But who will win the world cup, lets have a look at every team.

Let's take a look at the current ICC ODI rankings before we start the predictions. Australia is at the top currently and India is very close to Australia at no. two. This time around Australians are playing in their own bouncy pitches which is an advantage for them, where as India has to struggle, England and South Africa will have an advantage of playing in familiar conditions and Pakistan, West Indies and New Zealand have good players in there line up because of which the competition will be heated and any country can win the cup.

Cricket World Cup 2015 Knockout Stages Predictions

Quarter Finals Draw

If we look at the football world cup 2014 and how the teams were into the knockout we will come to know that Cricket world cup will follow the same. Top four teams from both the groups will make it to the knockout stages and there will be quarterfinal winner of Group A will take the 4th place of Group B and the winner of Group B will take the 4th place of Group A. Runners up of Group A will take the 3rd Place team of Group B and vice Versa. Following are our predictions on how the situation will look like after the last group game

1 Australia(A1) South Africa(B1)
2 Sri Lanka(A2) India(B2)
3 New Zealand(A3) Pakistan(B3)
4 England(A4) West Indies(B4)


World Cup 2015 Group Stage Predictions

You have seen my predictions above how groups will look after group finish. Australia as they have advantage of playing at their home ground and have a good batting line up should win at least 6 games. We have seen in the past Sri Lankan do great in big competitions. Every team will have to play 6 matches in group stages and winning in four matches will automatically put them into quarterfinals. Down here you can see my predictions on how teams will match up in knockout stages.


Aussies have a great batting line up with explosive batsmen in such format like Glenn Maxwell, Shane Watson, David Warner and George Baily. But if we look at their bowling side apart from Mitchel Johnson they do not have any good bowler which can be an aspect for them to worry. But yes they have come up very strongly in last couple of years. The advantage of playing at the home grounds will definitely make them to the finals at least as per my predictions.

South Africa

South Africa is a solid team, but shakes when pressure comes in big tournaments or matches. They are the favorite team in every world cup, but chokes in the last stages of the competition. The team has a mixture of young ones and experienced team members with good bowling and batting line up can give tough competition to any team. As per my prediction they will easily make it to the semi finals.


India is the team who is 2011 world cup champion and has the best batting line up and the bowling section is average. This world cup can be the last world cup for Mahendra Singh Dhoni and he would like to get the best from his batting line up and he may find some of the best bowlers for the world cup.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans are considered to be the Germans of Cricket. They were the finalists in both 2007 and 2011 but lost both of them, also they were 3 times T-20 world cup Finalist and won only one of them. So if we look at the last decade they have a consistent team and make it really big in such competitions. This will be the last world cup for Mahela Jayawerdene, Tilakratne Dilshan and Kumar Sanghakara. They have some of the great limited over players. So the team will be up for it. My predictions say that Sri Lankans will make it till the semi finals.


When we talk about the Pakistan team, this will be the last world cup for many of their players like Shahid Afridi, Muhammad Hafeez, Misbah - Ul- Haq and Saeed Ajmal. Muhammad Amir, won't be able to play 2015 world cup, which is a shame. The team will have to do something extraordinary to succeed in the world cup. A lot will depend on how the knockout draws will come up. I don't think that they will go beyond the quarter final stages.

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