Virgo Friends: Explore Them More

18 December, 2014
The next time you go to a party, look carefully at the quiet person in a chair placed at a position that gives them a view of the whole room. They'll be alternating between sipping their drink, chatting with the person next to them and checking their cell phone. That person is probably a Virgo. Virgos are fundamentally quiet and business like. They're neat, organized, quick witted and sometimes aloof. They'll keep a note of all their appointments in advance and can go through their whole schedule mentally. This might create the image of a computer-like, mechanical person in your mind. However, Virgo individuals are affable, warm and funny. They can be cheerful, sociable and great conversationalists. They tend to accumulate several acquaintances on their way though they only have a couple of close friends whom they'll care for a lot. It will take a lot of time for you to become a part of that tiny group but over time, as the Virgo individual comes to trust and understand you, you'll find that you've earned yourself a great friend. Virgos are sharp, smart people with strong opinions of their own that they are not afraid to vice. They're honest, straightforward with the people around them even as they keep some parts of their life private. If you happen to share similar interests, you'll always have something to chat about with your Virgo friend. Virgos get along the best with fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. They share similar thoughts, outlook towards life and relationships and generally gel well with each other. They'll be mutually respectful of the other's space and privacy, something that is a must for a Virgo in any kind of relationship. Virgos also get along well with water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Virgo will respect the gentle, sensitive Cancerian's feelings while earning the grounded Scorpion's respect. The airy, indecisive Libran will find a strong support in the Virgo friend. The fiery, confident Leo will generally have a love-hate relationship with the Virgo. If the Leo respects the Virgin's personal space, the Virgin will be a steady friend for the Leo to lean on. Virgo will enjoy Leo's warm and generous disposition. Though Virgo may not have a lot in common with the eccentric, thoughtful Aquarian, theirs can turn out to be a steady, harmonious relationship if the two of them learn to look beyond their own opinions and notions. The fiery Aries will perturb Virgo with their childish, impulsive and over enthusiastic behaviour. Virgo likes order and neatness. Aries will love chaos. The emotional Piscean will be too laid back and lazy for the hard working Virgo. They are the exact opposite of each other and could rub each other off the wrong way. Geminis are restless and active while Virgo is a more contemplative sign. This will bore the Gemini while making Virgo uncomfortable. The Sagittarian, with his clumsy ways, will drive the orderly Virgo crazy. On the whole, Virgos make steady, dependable and trustworthy friends.

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