Use these Colors According to Your Zodiac Sign on the Day of Holi 2023 to Attract Good Luck

13 February, 2023

Holi, the colorful festival of India, lasts for two days, although preparations begin at least a week before. The chief purpose of this colorful festival is to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

After the very next day of Holika Dahan, it is customary to celebrate total happiness by playing with varieties of colors. This colorful festival is called Holi celebrated every year on the full moon date of the month of Phalgun. People go on playing in groups.

On 08th March 2023, Holi will be celebrated this year in India. People will celebrate this festival applying colors and hugging each other.

The colorful festival of Holi is mainly celebrated at the time of spring just after the time of harvesting, which marks the end of winter. There is an atmosphere of laughter and happiness for two days during this festival.

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Importance of Playing Colors in Holi

Playing with colors in Holi helps to bring the society together and remove the distance of caste and creed. Apart from Hindus, this festival is also celebrated among all religions. It is believed that by playing with colors on this day, enemies come closer and become friends.

On this day everyone forgets old quarrels and feuds and comes to each other. The difference between the rich and the poor also vanishes. This festival is that one that promotes the feeling of colorful brotherhood.

It is known to all that colors always carry energy, and there are certain colors that can bring out something in you that make you truly shine. They can by all means enhance confidence, serenity and restless energy. Again they can boost strength to a great extent. Go on reading to watch which color brings out the most powerful traits in your zodiac sign on the very auspicious occasion of Holi 2023.

Before Sir Isaac Newton applied mechanics to demolish the concept of space and time, people looked at the universe with absolute reverence and awe. The system of categorizing human beings into 12 astrological signs based on the specific period of their birth and the position of celestial constellations at that time coming from the Greeks as they were much adept in Mathematics.

You may believe it or not but you definitely can’t ignore the fact that the colors have deep influence on you and your total life. Colors can bring you good luck and lead you total destruction once you misuse them.  While the planetary positions, according to the zodiac signs, determine the state of human mood and how each human day goes, colors too play important roles in determining whether humans are completely optimized and living to the best of their abilities.

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It is believed according to medical science that certain moods and energies are truly associated with specific colors. Scientists have agreed with the theory too. Colors have great impact on the minds of human beings. Astrology has not kept the point aside too. Astrologers put enough stress on the point that if humans use colors after their own zodiac signs they can bring their good luck quite easily. Each zodiac sign has a designated color. These colors help in soothing the minds, staying focused and positively influencing actions to be victorious by all means in spite of unfavorable external situations looming large to a great extent. It is also believed that every sign draws towards its color and that reflects vide the choice of clothing, interiors and artifacts among many other things. At the same time choosing a color favorable to a man’s zodiac sign can translate to material prosperity along with the true enrichment of the soul.

Right now all you have to do is to opt for the color that you can use in this period of Holi 2023 and beckon good luck. Go for your power color and use it to bring out the best in you and attract your luck. Using the prolific color you can bring everything colorful in your own life. In this article on the very auspicious occasion of Holi 2023 we are going to bring for each zodiac native the perfect color to attract luck according to the very zodiac sign. Using the specific color it can be told with ease that success in all fields is sure to be grabbed. Now let us go to elaborately discuss on the effect of colors according to your own zodiac signs during Holi in 2023 for each zodiac sign

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While there are many ways to celebrate Holi in 2023, astrologers have  tried to hint at the readers the ways in which you can make your festival of colours a very lucky and joyous one, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries Colors to Attract Good Luck on Holi Day

Go for combining red with rose, yellow, or white as well because these colors will bring you total happiness, prosperity and luck on this Holi in 2023. Jupiter and Sun will add extra hues to your life. Again, if, before playing Holi you go on applying tilak on the idol of Lord Ganesha, there is sure to be a friendly competition with your friends and colleagues, which will boost you in your very professional life.


Taurus men and women must celebrate Holi in 2023 using turquoise, greenish white and other bright shades. However, remember to avoid very dark hues and apply warm ones over darker shades. Gemini

Efficient, environment-friendly, and natural colors are preferable. Before the Holi customs, pray to Lord Shiva with your family. It will attract luck and enough abundance to you on this festive season.


This zodiac sign people love playing with colors on this Holi 2923. To keep up this spirit of joy and happiness Geminians must play with blue, yellow,  pink, green, and Purple. Avoid Colors of Red and Black shades.

Cancer colors to attract good luck on Holi day

 You may host a party and make all the necessary preparations quite well in advance. Instead of using   colored powder, go to play Holi with liquid colors. Arrange great dishes that everyone enjoys heartily. It is advised to become the ideal hosts for the particular day. Again, in the morning, start the festival applying Gulal to the elders.


Use the following colors while playing Holi in 2023. The colors are red, magenta, greenish yellow or soft tones of yellow. Offer water and kumkum to Lord Surya Dev in the morning. Thereafter, touch your father’s feet and it is obvious the evil vibes and negativity from your life will bid good bye during this festival.

Virgo colors to attract good luck on Holi day

As you like all hues of cyan, you can go for green, ocean blue and the royal blue to celebrate Holi 2023. These shades are sure to promote wealth and prosperity. Moreover, these shades will also become the ultimate to draw luck and your happiness.

Libra and Celebration of Holi 2023

Librans love every shade and color. They are governed by Venus that is responsible for beauty and love. Pink, blue, white and all bright colors are highly auspicious for Libra. You should start Holi celebration with your life partner in a loving manner; it will help you to start a new journey of love and commitment. If you’re unmarried, worship a girl child. Take her as a goddess, touch her feet and apply gulaal. This will bring you good luck.


For Scorpio people, this festival of colors must be dry and everything you opt for is Gulaal. You may go for crimson red, pink-red, fuchsia, or white to invite prosperity and happiness. Keep in mind not to use water during Holi this very year to make it the blessed one.


All tones of crimson yellow and gold are favorable and fortunate for you. You should meet your teacher before using Gulaal. If you don’t have a teacher nearby, start your Holi worshipping Lord Shiva.


Saturn despises the black color. As a result, Capricornians should avoid wearing this particular color. For Holi 2023, Capricorn natives must choose bright colors such as turquoise, white, yellow, royal blue etc.


Aquarians should use white, purple, pink, and floral. Moreover, you should visit Shani temple and offer turquoise Gulaal to Lord Shani for good luck. If there is no Shani temple in your area, you may visit a Shiva temple and seek His favor by offering Him blue Gulaal.


If you are Piscean you should opt for caramel yellow, wildfire yellow, citrus yellow, red mauve and white. These are appropriate colors for Pisces. All these colors are sure to improve their quality of life and bring affluence and good luck to the life of the Pisceans both men and women.

Importance of Holi Colors to Attract Good Luck

Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated with great enthusiasm not only in India but in many parts of the world. It is a festival of fun and joy and if applied with astrological significance it can bring enough fortune. 

On this day everyone tries to forget all grievances and gets tinged in the color of love and brotherhood. Colors also play special significance on this day, people share love by applying color to each other and enjoy dainty dishes. Besides, if one can apply appropriate colors on the very day of Holi 2023, one can attract good luck too.


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